Rabbi Shergill's new album - smashing!

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  1. Pradyumna

    Pradyumna New Member

    Hi Guys.

    have you guys chechked out the new album by Rabbi Shergill? its called "Avengi Ja Nahin". If you haven't, then you should check it out, especially if you belong to any of the following categories-
    You liked his previous album
    You liked his previous hit songs "bulla ki jana" and " tere bin" etc
    You are a person who likes meaningful rock such as bruce springsteen
    You are a person who likes soulful rock, such as Dire Straits.

    heh hehh... anyway i guess you get the drift, if you are a music lover, i want you to check out the album. it is simply smashing, and all the songs grow on you as you listen to them more. i loved "ballo" specially. i think Rabbi is one of the very rare few independent artists and voices on the indian scene.
  2. ak&guitar

    ak&guitar THE INNER VOICE

    Short REVIEW

    Avengi Ja Nahin (Rabbi Shergill)

    THis album sounds better:rock: in terms of mixing, production and versatility than Rabbi's debut album. But it lacks the thought clarity of its predecessor. It seems like Mr. Shergill has too much to say for which a 9 track album is not enough. Plus, he has to say it in so many different ways that he ends up confusing :confused:the listener, as to what to make out of his efforts.

    Still, unique in a very Rabbi shergill way, this one is a must buy for its great vocal phrasings and fluid guitar fillers/solos. For those who understand Punjabi, this ones gonna be a fantastic lyrical journey, from the already well-known 'Chhalla' to the unheard 'Ballo', each song shines in its own light. Except a few, in which the artist would have been better off leaving the song as it is, instead of a futile attempt to re-voice the legendary words 'jinhe naaz hai hind par' which were also featured in the Indian Cine Classic 'Pyaasa' so elegantly composed and craftily sung. And the English Song 'Unity' which is not bad at all but sounds a little out of place (somehow, i knew something like this would be coming from him).

    If there's time i might Write a track by track review of this album. But to all Rabbi fans and people who want to listen to something fresh and different, yet musically rich -
    This One is Definitely for you!!:beer:
  3. arneet1

    arneet1 New Member

    even m a great fan of rabbi & hav checked out all d songs frm his latest album...
    cud u plz post me d chords nd lead of 'ballo'.....
  4. parry

    parry Sing ing Sing

    well i dont think u wil find the chords of ballo here on igt and very few people may have heard the song. do one thing......the song's music is the same as jalte hain song from film sorry bhai. moreover u can look for the chords of the song outlandish which has the same music and which is said to be the so called inspiration for the song.
    happy hunting.......
    anyway i have tried the song using F C Am and G. it works.
  5. manuksha

    manuksha New Member

    Can i somebody please upload the guitar chord progression for Rabbi Shergill's song Ballo.
  6. murlidhar

    murlidhar New Member

    ballo song's key is in E it seems.

    rest of the chords i will try to find as and when i get some time...
    am a noobie in guitar still :|
    better late than never : )
    wonderful song btw........
  7. epiprobeseple

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  8. sidblake

    sidblake New Member

    dig bulla ki jaana. great tune
  9. john23

    john23 New Member

    I'm a big fan on Rabbi Shergill's . Fom me is a graet!

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