rabbi avengi ja nahi

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  1. hiroj

    hiroj New Member

    its chords are


    2nd fr

    e chord
    then comes b chord

    for the line
    akiyan chaddas -------avengi ja nahi
  2. hiroj

    hiroj New Member

    plz give ur comments eagerly waiting
    u can ask for any chords over here
    i will try to fulfill them
  3. hiroj

    hiroj New Member

    hey plz reply anyone
  4. Behush

    Behush New Member

    hey pal... check some post for chord submission..
    Take effort while submitting chords for your song,...

    1. Get the lyrics for the song
    2. Write chords according to the change position for entire song...

    Such effort if correct would be appreciated... I hope you get wat I am saying...;) keep up the good work..
  5. hiroj

    hiroj New Member

    hi thr chords for song challa of rabbi are
    f#m ---Bm---A---E--Em---f#m this progression will surely work and no strumming is present only plucking is there
  6. parry

    parry Sing ing Sing

    hi nice work man! wel can you post the chords of "maen bolia" from the same album.
    Keep the good work. Cheers!
  7. hiroj

    hiroj New Member

    hey thaks there parry i am working on the other songs will post them soon
    if u need any song chords or tabs plz let me know i will try my best
  8. monty rocks

    monty rocks New Member

    hey hiroj....know what.....
    the chords are somewhat working with avengi ja nahi...gud effort
  9. accentguy86

    accentguy86 New Member

    hey guys its my 1st quote though m playing guitar since 8 years huH!!...well i wantd 2 say dat hiroj nice try bt there r slight mistakes like 2 check the chords are f#m,d,e,a,d,g,f#m,g,f#m,g,f#m,g,f#m,g,f#m,g and in one phrase he says es gal da os khud nu nai pata add d,a in this line after the whole chords set i wrote above do reply ur comments every1 thnx....if ny more song chords request desired plz let me knw
  10. hiroj.bagde

    hiroj.bagde New Member

    hey thanks accent guy just picked out the chords while listening to the song
    will see ur chords
    i am also in a band do check us out on facebook
    name of the band is anonymous

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