Raah mein un se from Vijaypath

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  1. light_of_erindi

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    Here's one more song that i like.....i hate the movie :p: but i love the song :beer:

    as always .....feedback is welcome:):)

    Song : Raah mein Un Se Mulakat Ho gayi
    Film : Vijaypath
    Tuning : Normal
    Chord key:
    Em      022000
    D       000232
    C       032010
    Am      022100
    F#      244322
    Em(2)   779987  \
    D(2)    557775   |==>  These r the same chords played higher up on fretboard.
    C(2)    335553  /
    Raah mein un se \
    D                |===>    2 times
    mulakat ho gayi /
    Jise darte the
    C          Em
    wohi baat ho gayi
    Em     Am             Am   Em
    ahahahahaha          ahahahaha
    Em(2)  D(2)   C(2)  F#
    strumming is somthing like d um um um um um um um  on each chord except F#
    where d ==> downstroke
          u ==> upstroke
          m ==> mute
          if ur used to staccato kinda strumming u'll get what i'm trying to say here.
    Em              D          Em
    ishq ke naam se dar lagta tha
    Em              D          Em
    dil ke anjam se dar lagta tha
        Vocals r same as before but on a higher scale so play the Em and D higher up the fretboard....that is what i mean by Em(2) and D(2).....
    Em(2)              D(2)
    ishq ke naam se dar lagta tha
    D(2)                  Em(2)
    dil ke anjam se dar lagta tha
    Bm              C
    dil ke anjam se dar lagta tha
    Em               D
    aashiqui woh hi mere saath ho gayi   2 times
    Bm             C          Em
    jise darte the wohi baat ho gayi.
    Similar on next verse...i don't remember the lyrics ....so please...:)
    enjoy!! :beer:
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  2. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    hi LoE

    its my fav no. 2 :) but thr wud be more chrd changes in betwn i guess frm wht i remembr of da song..
    nywayz reps 4 u :)
    wil post my suggestions soon :)
  3. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    [B]Em[/B]        [B]D[/B]
    Raah mein un se 
    [B]Am[/B]      [B]C[/B]  [B]Em[/B]    
    mulakat ho gayi
    Jise darte the
    [B]D[/B]         [B]Em[/B]
    wohi baat ho gayi
    [B]Em[/B]      [B]Am[/B]   [B]D[/B]       [B]Em[/B]
    ahahaha haha ahahaha ha
    i hav included some more chrds in betwn and also changed sum of ur chrds.. :(

    pts 2 be noted..
    1. this is wht i remember of da song.. doin dis frm memory
    2. i suck at chrds.. evry possibility ur version is much bettr thn mine
    3. don assume these chrds 2 be prfct.. da reasons i gav above..
    ask jayswami, awaz or bandbaaja 2 verify..

    nywayz its a luvly song.. i don remembr da rest part of da song.. so hav tabbd only da startin part.
    if i get hold of da mp3 i'l post da intro tabs too..

    keep postin such luvly no's. :)
  4. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    yep.... i also did the song from my memory....:):)....i was doubtful about the lead line too.....and i thought of alternative chord combination as Em D Am Em ....i didn'e include the C here.... so i was feeling it out of place...thanx for that change....
    Sounds better now....thanx....!

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