Raabta original guitar chords - Accurate strumming pattern

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    Hi Rachit,
    Really Nicely done :),
    it will be nice for begineer like me to learn from this :),

    Can you Plz post a lesson for devotional song Hey naam re sabse bada tera naam, o sheron wali, unche dero wali... It will be really great it you can do that...

    Eagerly waiting for your reply...

    Thanks a lot for such a wonderful lesson..

    Best Regards
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    find tabs for this song at

    here is the intro part:

    Intro (Guitar 1):

    =4=======4=======4=======4=====] X6

    Intro {Guitar 2 (which starts after 1st intro is played twice)}:

    ======================4=6=4==========================6=4=6=4] X2

    There is one more riff played on another guitar which comes before Intro 2. Only 2 notes are being played in that which are F#(6string 2nd fret) and G#(6th string 4th fret)


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