Quotes from Famour Guitarists..!!!

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    "Recording is God's way of telling you that you suck." - Bob Brozman

    "I didn't want to be just another college kid playing John Fahey tunes." - Michael Hedges

    "We didn't have any instruments, so I had to use my guitar." - Mother Maybelle Carter

    "I practice a lot to save on studio time." - John Fahey

    "I wouldn't think twice about spending a hundred dollars on a hat." - Catfish Stephenson

    "You have to know the song so well, that while your playing, if sombody blows your head off with a double barrel shotgun, your body will keep playin'." - Paraphrase of a comment by Stefan Grossman at a workshop ten years ago.

    "If you've got any good notes, you're liable to find them" Doc Watson, from Acoustic Guitar magazine June 2003.

    "God has a way of telling you when to change your strings." - Dave van Ronk

    "I've got blisters on my fingers (John Lennon)"

    “My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who i am.” - John Jett

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