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  1. ambush

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    I have a few questions regarding tone, amps and such

    1) This one is regarding tube amps. How do you get loud cleans on tube amp, i mean wont the cranking up a tube cause it to go into overdrive. If they have to use clean and distorted tones in a song, how do they switch tones.

    2) This ones regarding death metal tone. Bands like death and nile have kind of an middle eastern/arabic sounding tone. How do they get this tone?

    3) And give me some general info about really heavy tone, like nile and dimebag. Which amps do they use etc .
  2. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    Ok. I think ill try to answer my own question

    1)Amp have two channel one clean and the other OD...must have something to do with different preamp stages
    2)The sound i was refering to was just lead tone on moderen voiced amps like the peavey and rectifiers...
    3)I now know Dimebag used randalSS amp with with dist pedal and EQ.
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    you are fed up arent you???
  4. ambush

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    No, i learned quite a lot in the past year..
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    Haha, IGT is pretty helpful, ain't it ;)

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