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    I'm posting this here, cuz nobody checks the other forums:

    heyy, I am guitar player and like to do vocals, I was just looking over some recorded vocals, and I was wondering:

    Does anybody know how to add a techno voice effect using Adobe audition or any other program?

    It's the kind they use in punjabi music and in rap songs like "U and Dat' by T-Pain.

    I've been googling all over to try to find a plugin, I used to think it was just using a strong flanger, but that just distorts the voice and doesnt make it sharp.

    If anyone knows how, please post it here.

    Heres a link to download an example of the voice effect:
    (this was done on a computer, artist unknown)
  2. DesiYaar

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    oh cmon

    oh cmon someone has to know if you have even an inkling of what it could be post it, please.

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