Pyare Mohan - Tu jaha bhi jaayegi

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    Song - Tu jaha bhi jaayegi
    Film - Pyare Mohan

    tu jaha bhi jaayegi - 2
    Am A#
    tere pichhe pichhe main aaunga
    F C F
    i love you my angel tujhe kabhi na main bhulaaunga - 2

    Lead - format (string/fret) given below...

    ( 5/3 3/2 3/2 3/0 3/3 3/2 3/0 3/0 3/2 3/3 3/2 3/0 4/3 3/0 4/3)2

    F C F
    tujhse mila toh maine yeh jana
    F C F
    banta hain kaise koi deewana
    A# F
    iss kadar chahu tujhe
    A# F
    hosh na ab kuchh mujhe
    pyar tera kaisa hain
    khushbuon ke jaisa hain
    Am A#
    saans mein tujhko basaaunga
    F C F
    i love you my angel tujhe kabhi na main bhulaaunga - 2

    Rest of the song is same as above.
    Lyrics are -

    maine kuchh aaisa kaam kiya hain
    lamha lamha tere naam kiya hain
    keh rahi deewangi bin tere kya zindagi
    tujhse vaada karna hain sirf tujhpe marna hain
    bin tere marr jaaunga
    i love you my angel tujhe kabhi na main bhulaaunga - 2

    Plz correct me if i m wrong any where.
    I m waiting for suggestions.
  2. rasika

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  3. be_4515

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    Lead format

    Well...... Rasika,
    Its not a standard format which i have given, but its quite userfriendly.

    5/3 means 5th string on 3rd fret should be played.
    3/2 means 3rd string on 2nd fret should be played.
    Like this.....

    Hope u have understood.
    If not, then let me know, i'll explain u again.
  4. guitarangela

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    ^^hey, try to use the following format since dis is the most common in IGT and is understandeable to most of the ppl...:beer:

    E--0-------------(1st string)
    B----1-----------(2nd string)
    G-----2----------(3rd string)
    D-------3--------(4th string)
    A---------4------(5th string)
    E-----------5----(6th string)

    0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 represent the fret that has to be played....
  5. amit82cse

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    isn't this song on key E? It sounds more close to original one if play with E, B, A.

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