Pyaar Manga Hai Tumhi se of Kishore

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  1. kuntal

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    Am G Am
    Pyaar manga hai tumhi se, Na inkaar karo
    A D Am E Am
    paas baitho zara aaj to, ikraar karo ..Mujhe pyaar karo...
    Am G
    kitni haseen hai raat ,dulhan bani hai raat,x2
    Dm G Am E Am
    machle hue jazbaat,baat zara hone do, mujhe pyaar karo...

    Pyaar manga hai tumhi se na inkaar karo..
    Am G
    Pehle bhi tumhi dekha,pehle bhi tumhe chaaha,x2
    Dm G Am E Am
    Itna haseen paya , saat haseen hone do,Mujhe pyaar karo...

    Rest of the song and chords are same as the above stanza

    Pyaar manga hai tumhi se na inkaar karo...
    Kitna madhur safar hai ,tu mera humsafar hai
    Beete hue din zaara yaad karo,mujhe Pyaar karo...
    pyaar manga hai tumhi se na inkaar karo..x2

    Dis is my first post,which is not coz before this, i hav always requested songs.And guyz believe me dis song is a great love song and everybody in dis world who have been fallen in love once in his/her life will love this song.
    This song chords are my version hope u all will like it
  2. faraz khan

    faraz khan Fkay'zzz .......GoNe MaD!

    .....|....|...|....>>>>>> examined!!
    chordz are 75% good work but whts the strummin pattern that might be the differrence that makes it sound 0dd!!
  3. baldeep

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    nice chords bro.......this song is very close to my heart:beer:

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