Punnu Fer u man mama am coming home - ozzy

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    Punnu Fer u man Dreamer By ozzy

    Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer

    This is not the original scale in which its played. But am posting this tabs as this very easy to play as ther r no complex chords.

    e|-----3-3--1-1- 0-0-------0-0-|

    |[C] [Am]|
    |[C] [Am]|
    |[F] [Dm]|

    |C | Am| Em| G|
    Am just a dreamer i dream......

    | Dm| G | Dm| G | Dm| G | Dm| G |
    Your power may be god or ............

    to the Solo:
    C Am C

    Am C

    Am Em


    I hav seen many versions of this awesome track on the net..But this is how i play and i feel this is a much easier version.Dont be surprised if u find this on guitartabs.cc..cuz i hav posted this already ter. Ne suggestions r welcome. O and ya listen 2 da track fer timing and all .Hey punnu(and others) if u liked it plzz gimme some reps...

    Rok on guys :rock:
  2. acebuddy129

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    Wow.........wot happnd guys?????? dint like it kya???? I'll jus remind u guys once again tht this is not on the original scale. Give some feedback. .sob
  3. Punnu

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    Sorry dude

    Am dude...i really wanna giv u reps n points for those awesome tabs...but dude i dont know hw to give reps n points...if u lemme know i'll def give u.Thanx
  4. acebuddy129

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    u can see a small smiley on the bottom left of every post.Jus clik on tht smiley in any of my posts and follow the intsructions :) .I wouldn hav normally not asked fer reps as u guys likin my tabs is more than enuf..But my repo is red..thts y i need some repo 2 make it green again :)
    Am glad u liked the tabs punnu..And wot bout the rest of the igtians?? no comments or nething eh??

    Rok on dudes.
  5. Punnu

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    Dude gave u some much deserved reps...thanx for guiding me :beer:

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