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  1. jagan

    jagan New Member

    can someone please post the guitar chords for the instrumental piece (theme music by ARR) of punnaagai mannan movie.
    thanks in advance.
  2. srivatsan_p

    srivatsan_p New Member

    Punnagai Mannan was by Ilayaraja. As legend goes, ARR was the keyboard player - he did not compose the music for this piece. I dont want to start a flame war, I am an insane Ilayaraja fan and I just want things to be correct!
  3. jackdaws

    jackdaws New Member

    thats an interesting piece of information
  4. santtose

    santtose New Member

    punnagai mannan tabs

    buddy... i'm just a beginner...anyway i tried that out...

    starts from 3rd string G A G B C D E E D C D C B C B A
    A B C D E G Gb F F E F E F G Gb G A G Gb Gb F Gb F Gb G
    Gb G A# A A# A# B A Ab A .................
  5. sandyssn

    sandyssn New Member

    try with the combinations of Cm, Fm, A# .. even i'm not pretty sure .. maestro's composition are really hard to decipher!
  6. sandyssn

    sandyssn New Member

    but to an extent it really matches! pro's take over :p
  7. vinu

    vinu New Member

    The theme is in Dm. Melody goes like DE DE F GA. Applicable chords are Dm, F, Gm, A. When I get a chance I will record and upload the melody.

  8. sandyssn

    sandyssn New Member

    Yes! its in Dm.. My mistake! Excuse me ..
  9. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    Nice these music this.
    I believe ARR was the arranger for this song. Although he was IR's keyboardist at the time, he didn't play - didn't need to, as the song was entirely computer generated.
    I have included links for some complex chords.




    The chords go like this:




    Ebm(7-5) and AM7 chords.

  10. Sowsen

    Sowsen New Member

    Can someone post the sheet music for this .
    I actually take these chords for playing on keyboard
    Pls help
  11. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    I did a midi sequence and used some online software for generate a sheet music.I've attached them both. I've no idea if the sheet music makes any sense becos I can't understand these. Let know either way. View attachment Punnagai theme.mid Punnagai theme1.png Rajesh :music:
  12. robinrichards

    robinrichards New Member

    is it in Dm scale?? i feel so
  13. robinrichards

    robinrichards New Member

    but i find C#m chord suits perfect
  14. a computer generated song in 1986? this had me laughing my guts out. lol

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