Punkh & Hindi Nu-Metal.

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    Hi Rockers and Metalheads!
    Been a while since i've been reading and soaking up much info from this excellent blog, dedicated to the Indian Rock-Metal scene.
    What truly inspired me to create an account and become part of the 'Gab-Fest' is this band called Punkh.These guys have recently released the 'Karmah E.P'- a set of songs recorded in Germany and produced by veteran underground nu-metal producer Markus Tescke. I yearn you to listen to them on soundcloud...if nothing you'll at least get to hear some terrific musicianship and production. 'Karmah' combines heavy duty riff rock from the nu-metal era with distinct Indian elements and soaring vocals heavily reminiscent of the Eighties when all rock singers seemed hell-bent on punching holes in the stratosphere with their voice.
    Unlike the initial line-up which toured through Germany and Singapore and was behind the self-titled debut with EMI Virgin Music in 2007, Punkh now comprises of some of the best Rock-Metal musicians from the scene. The overall sound is polished without sacrificing the primal edge that forms the cornerstone of all rock ‘n’ roll setting the tone for the band’s new musical statement.
    In the recent past Punkh has been featured on an international compilation album released by EMI Music, France: Voyage au coeur de l'inde [Songs from the heart of India] and the Compilation Album 'India Rocks Vol -1' by Virgin Music, India.
    Lead vocalist Deepak Nair undertook frontman duties for Bandish (2009-2011) and was featured alongside popular singer KK and master percussionist Pete Lockette on the bands 2nd album with Universal Music, India.
    Lead Guitarist Karan Sharma is also the axe-man for the acclaimed world music band Mrigya.
    A must hear!
    Jai Hind
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