Pune rave bust: BPO execs among 280 held

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    An international drug racket was exposed during an all-night raid on a rave party near Pune where as many as 280 youths, including an international disc jockey, his Chennai-based counterpart, air-hostesses, IT professionals, call centre employees and students from Mumbai, Pune, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana were nabbed on Sunday.

    Around 2.10 am, the police team raided the party at the foothills of the Sinhgad fort and found that many youths were taking drugs. Vishwas Nangre-Patil (SP, Pune rural) and a few constables entered the party zone in plain clothes and mingled among the dancers to gather information from the partying lot.

    It was 8.30 am before all the youths present in the party were rounded up but more youngsters from far-off areas kept pouring in through the day. A few youths from Delhi who had arrived in the morning even asked the policemen about the party location.

    The police seized seven bottles of phenyl fine hydrochloride, which they suspect the youths were consuming. The samples from the bottles have been sent to a forensic laboratory for further tests. Apart from these bottles, police recovered two and half kg of marijuana (ganja), 100 gram of hashish (charas), beer cans, cigarettes, music systems, a car and mobile phones, totally worth Rs 5 lakh.

    Following a tip-off from police inspector Sheshrao Suryavanshi of the Pune city police, Sunil Phulari, deputy commissioner of police (cyber, economics) alerted Nangre-Patil, who conducted the raid.

    Nangre-Patil said that drug peddlers identified as Druv Pavan Kaushal (22) and Paramjitsing Harcharansing Brar (27), both residents of Wanowrie, allegedly organised the party and an international drug peddler Shania was supposed to bring 1,500 bottles of a drug known as %u2018California Drops%u2019. "However, neither Shania nor the drugs arrived," he added.

    Shania is an Irish woman and there are at least three cases against her in Ireland, the SP said. "She is also wanted in drug-related crimes," he added.

    Apart from Kaushal and Brar, those arrested included Ramdas Hagavane, owner of the farm where the party was held, Sharad Shankar of Andheri, Shivendu Gupta, Achhyut Vaze of Juhu, Simrut Silmali of Worli and Germans Stephen Muller and Christopher.

    More sources - http://inwww.rediff.com/newshound/pn.html

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    It'd have been nice, if they had kept a Rock Show in the Rave Party.....So that some bands also would have gone behind the bars....
  3. ronnieanand

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    They should have made Bon Jovi headline that Rave party....We would have finally succeeded in getting rid of Bon Jovi........
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  4. alpha1

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    So ppl cannot even enjoy and forget about the miseries of their lives.
  5. born2tab

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    @Devil are u listening...no one cares about marijuana:eek::

    Hehe..By the way u were not there na???C'mon answer me else we all wud assume that u got picked up too at the Rave party:p:
  6. TheDevil

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    ^^Thnx for the concern b2t ;)
    I aint the group rave types charsi but the alone secluded type charsi.

    P.S: lol wtf did they expect ? It was about time their asses went bust, In a country where TV channels get banned for showing tight clothes u expect Mass Doping to be tolerated even though Ganja is a Gift from Lord Shankar :p:
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    Fack, I missed it...:p:
  8. nazr

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    ^So did the police,you.
  9. loyal

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    Ah!!, This reminds me of that special footage from CNN-IBN regarding 3000 acre's of land being used in cultivation of cannabis ( charas ) in himachal pradesh . It is believed that this is controlled by israeli and italian Dons !!.

    Strange things do happen in India.
  10. notty_lad

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    Bihar ka youth: Arey bhaiyya pardy kaha hai?
    Policeman: Yerwada jail.
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    the head of rural police in pune -nangre patil is a very strict and honest man.he has stopped almost all illegal activities in his area.he was awarded for his work by maharashtra government.there was an article in times of india about his work.
    those guys did a mistake by having a rave party in his area.
  12. born2tab

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    yaar who does a research before organising rave parties....and trust me bloody drug addicts have already a lot to crib about...leave who the area inspector is:)
  13. alpha1

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    make the police force drug addicts.
  14. god_of_guitar

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    fuk these thullaas..... why dont they leave people alone...let them enjoy..
  15. death_metal_fan

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    ^ Cops need to get high too...
  16. loyal

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    just a thought what happens to all the confiscated drugs ??????, perhaps it is put to use by some to get high !!!!!!!!! :)
  17. akkyy21

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    It Sad....
  18. bjr

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  19. rahulp

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    They confiscated cigarettes??? Those B******s :annoyed: !!

    I dunno about the Patil guy (he seems well educated and honest), but the other hawaldars n constables will surely have their eyes dug on the mobiles and other sundry stuff they can flick.. and the Cigarettes!!!! ..Bloody Thullas!!
  20. notty_lad

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    ^Cigarettes are confiscated because they might have been refilled with dope.

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