pulveli pulveli frm aasai guitar tabs

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    hello bros, i'm new here, i want to get tabs for the song pulveli frm the movie aasai. . . Pls. . Pls. . Pls. .
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    Pulveli Pulveli

    B string - 7/10-10-10--10--10-10-8-7-7/8-8-8--8--8-8-7-5-7/5-5-5-7/5-5-5-7-5-3/5

    / - Slide

    Then song goes like this,

    Pulveli pulveli thannil panithuli panithuli ondru thoonguthu thoonguthu paarammaa athai
    D D G G G D D D A
    sooriyan sooriyan vanthu sellamai sellamai killi ezhuputhu ezhuputhu yenammaa
    D D G G G D D D A

    Please try this and mail me in jeyaramabalan@gmail.com with the proper subject.

    Jeyarama Balan

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