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    Some may call me psycho,a lunatic perhaps,
    La-la-la-la-lunatic,let it speak before it craps,
    Crazy people running through hills,
    Madness running through us,la-la-la,it kills,
    A river streaming through our souls,would you like us to say hi?
    A shiver running down our bones,now wouldn’t you like to cry?
    Whistling tunes that everybody forgot and don’t want to remember,
    You remind me of my very own self,would you like to be a member?
    Become part of our ever-growing body and lose your opinion doing so,
    Welcome to the heart of our,it’s a shame the others lost you though,
    But if you fight your way back out of it,your opinion could be strong,
    You can choose to work only for justice or choose to do what’s wrong,
    The ever-existing posibilities,the chances never end,
    You might want to escape from it,but everyone knows you can’t…
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  2. smriti

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    nice one............................and i liked the la-la-la most :)
  3. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    dittoooooo...................... :)
  4. Nirvanafreak

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    hey there...thnx,feels good to be back ;)
  5. lord_neo

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    Nice one Nirvana, repping you!

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