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  1. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    Lyrics are too dark ...
    read 'em if u wanna spoil your day ...

    the hate, the anger
    bleeding my brain
    i do not know
    why am going insane

    the cowardly acts
    those damn past deeds
    shame n guilt
    are making me bleed

    drifting like a wood
    a torrent of crap
    those fingers reach out
    to pull me back

    everyone is enemy
    no one to trust
    going paranoid to limits
    my confindence on burst
  2. cYpHeR

    cYpHeR Banned

    awesome stuff....u did tht urself .....?
  3. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    yeah ...
    yest was ass-crap-pained and boozed after a long time ...
    dunno exactly what happened ... :(
  4. cYpHeR

    cYpHeR Banned

    lol...i was in a similar situation on friday night....boozed up...nd started utterin sm crap emotional need to control
  5. #iR@


    nice stuff man!!!!!! seriously.... AND IT DIDN"T SPOIL MY DAY! keep up the good work man!
  6. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    hey cypher next time u also try making some lyrics up .... u might stumble across something - profound ...

    hira ... yeah tanx ... i dunno if i would call it nice stuff ... it reeks of ... misery ... shit ... i feel as if i have killed someone ...
  7. shak

    shak Harrr!

    full of crap donut for you sss .... betta fall in love mate...
  8. $AINT

    $AINT Banned

    superb man.. so when r u going 2 booze again.. waiting for next burst of thoughts..
  9. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    Nice... Interesting to note that it reminds me a lot of my early poems.
  10. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    dunno but today reading this poem ... i dont like it a wee bit ... :(

    it is tooo dark ...

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