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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Anchit7, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Anchit7

    Anchit7 New Member

    hi guys...i am planning to buy a processor..i have a budget of 3.5k at the max....should i go for a zoom g1 or a zoom 505 11????plz suggest any other better ones also if possible....cheers...
  2. Jimmy_Rage

    Jimmy_Rage New Member

    If those are your only two options, go for the G1... Newer tech... I've heard they're pretty good at heavy sounds, though you should note that "pretty good" is relative to whatever your bandmate uses...

    - Jimmy Rage
  3. Anchit7

    Anchit7 New Member

    i was thinking...whether if i should go for a good distortion pedal rather than a processor like the g1 for 4k or not????...for predominantly heavy stuff......
  4. Jimmy_Rage

    Jimmy_Rage New Member

    I prefer analog pedals to digital processors, but I use both, analog for my basic tone, digital for pristine sounding FX like delay, reverb, etc... And my musical gear is always determined by my limited funds...
    If you have a budget of 4k for a pedal, I would suggest you get a Rocktron Zombie, I think they're available at SB Music House online... Really nice sounding distortion pedal for metal, check out some youtube videos...
    But then again, will you be satisfied with just a distortion without a delay, which is an integral part of a lot of killer solos you've heard? Do you want to use a lot of FX in your music? Will it be difficult to justify buying a noise reduction pedal just to reduce hum, even though it doesn't really add to your music?
    In that scenario, a processor would be of help, especially if you're starting out, because you can experiment a lot with how FX can be used in conjunction with each other... I've heard good things about the Zoom MFX pedals and used to own a 505II at one point of time)....
    But I switched to analog pedals from a GT-8 (just for tone, I still use the GT-8 in my rig because it's got great modulation FX) and I've been collecting for a while now... It's all about the price-performance ratio you seek as of now...

    Considering you're starting out right now, I would say go for the G1, or if you can stretch your budget, a G2.1u, which has a wah pedal (which you will find a lot of fun) as well as a USB port for direct recording... But as with all gear, try before you buy!

    - Jimmy Rage
  5. flood

    flood New Member

    i think if he's a beginner who wants to play "correctly", a delay is probably a really bad idea at this point.

    just my 2 cents (EURO CENTS.).
  6. Anchit7

    Anchit7 New Member

    Although i think jimmy_rage is right about the delay for the long run....but i second flood's saying...i am not a real pro with the electric guitar...infact..its going to be my first distortion my amp unfortunately doesn't have finally what do you suggest???
  7. Jimmy_Rage

    Jimmy_Rage New Member

    I don't agree, flood... Learning guitar is about having fun, not about having an optimum signal chain, especially when you're starting out... It pays off to take a break from your strict practice regimen to experiment, there's no right method and wrong method, in the end, the hours you put into practice is what counts... From what I gathered, he has a guitar and an amp, so hopefully he's been playing for a year or so, in which case, expanding his tonal palette will do wonders for his interest in the instrument... Plus, experimenting with more tones will help in the long run, he might come up with some innovative ideas to branch out with his music....

    Anchit7, in the end, it's all about what you want to play. As I said, I find that the distorted tones I get from my analog pedals is superior to the tone from processors I've used... And since I play metal, the main link in my chain is my distorted tone... However, I like the idea of using FX like delay, reverb, flanger, harmonizer, wah, etc., just to keep things interesting... Since I can't afford all of that gear, I use a processor in my signal chain just to have a whole bunch of FX at an affordable price... You should do a little reading up on what different FX do and watch some youtube videos to understand their use in music better...

    That said, music is about being musical, not about making people scratch their heads and wonder what kind of patch/FX you were using... Music is also not about how much gear you have and I say that as a musician who's never been concerned about what the other guy is using since I started playing guitar some 8 odd years ago and budget was (is) a major consideration in my upgrade route every time I wanted to get a new toy... In that respect, maybe you would be better off with a single FX pedal, though like I said, one of the first things you realise when you have one pedal is that you got to have two (or five)... There are guys who go out with just a single pedal and slay, so this is all very debatable... But there are also people who go out with PODs and GTs and whatevers and get a real nice response from the crowd too...

    Try before you buy is the final piece of advice I can offer you and the bottom line when buying new gear. What works for someone else may not work for you... Do your homework (research) on whatever you're interested in and try to compare them side by side before spending your money.

    - Jimmy Rage
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  8. Anchit7

    Anchit7 New Member

    Hey Jimmy_Rage.......i must give into the fact that this was some writing man!!! have seriously impressed a 16 year old successfully........although i have started my electric guitar only recently but i have been playing for 3 and a half years......i strongly approve of your suggestion to go for an effects processor....i am dropping the idae of owning a good distortion pedal right now as i feel that i have many more things to learn presently....i plan to go in for a good pedal such as an amt metallizer after 2-3 for prerequisite is a good versatile metal unit...and am quite pleased with the idea of a processor....thanks man...
    Anchit Dogra......
  9. flood

    flood New Member

    you're preaching to the choir :) i was into stompboxes before i even had an electric guitar, and actually attempted to build my first OTT fuzz pedal (unsuccesful) before i knew how to play a C chord. didn't own a guitar then. i bought my small stone before i bought my electric, IIRC.

    so i'm all about having fun and experimenting rather than sitting down and practicing chords and scales and using a metronome and getting your intonation right. HOWEVER: i don't think that approach works well for everybody, in particular if they have a certain aim in mind with regards to what they want to play. if you want to play steve vai or dream theater songs *correctly*, well, you'd better practice your ass off and no better way to do it than playing unplugged or clean.

    if you're someone like me who will occasionally disconnect his guitar and just run his fuzz factory into an analog delay or plug the output of a blue box into it's own input and listen to it spazz out completely, the restrictions are endless. i've said it before: while i respect good guitar players and am often amazed by watching them, i'm not into guitar playing. i'm into SOUNDS. so my top 5 guitar players would be david gilmour, david torn, michael brook, robert fripp and then it's a toss-up between jimi and adrian belew.

    i'm definitely not one to tell you how to play something, cause i really can't play at all. i just think that using effects and particularly time-based effects like delay, a flanger, a phaser etc, is very often more of a deterrent to your practice regimen than an auxillary. there's no better way to cover up your mistakes than by shifting the focus to another aspect of your playing, i.e. the sound. earlier, i used to max the gain on everything so that i could screw up and it would still sound good. these days, i find myself plugging directly into the amp more often than not, sometimes the only pedal i'm using is the tuner. :) and all-tube amps help in a big way too - they only show you how good you actually are and amplify every aspect of your playing. screw up and the amp will not attempt to disguise it in any way, it'll just glare at you from the speaker. play nicely and you'll be rewarded with some of the sweetest or ballsiest or spit-in-your-face-and-break-your-bones tones you ever heard. never had that while playing solid state.

    oh yeah, i definitely advocate stompboxes. i can't stand processors, never liked them enough to buy one even as a beginner and think they sound very drab (except for the axe fx, which costs $2000 though). i'm definitely biased in that sense, so no point asking me for a proc reco ever. i love the control stompboxes give you and the stuff you can do with actual physical stuff happening inside a metal box, and not just logic and numbers working on an FFT of your guitar signal. processors might get good and cheap when i have arthiritis or something and can't play anymore, good for the next generation though.

    analog stompboxes also have great long-term value over processors. i'm still using stuff bought 12 years ago without a problem, and some of it was made in the 70s. try that with a processor.
  10. Anchit7

    Anchit7 New Member

    so Flood...which pedal do you suggest for 3.5 k at the max??..i want really versatile one to be able to solo it out as well as for some heavy rythm.......
  11. flood

    flood New Member

    i'll be honest about that - there aren't really too many super-versatile pedals around that sound good too. your budget adds a further limitation. the DS-1 fits on your budget but on its own it can be fairly scratchy. give it a good (read: tube) amplifier, and it will shine. i would still try it if i were you.

    you could try the favorite pedal of the indian metalhead (which sounds REALLY bad IMO), the boss metal zone. you might be able to get one for less than 3.5k. i don't like it because it's unresponsive and scratchy, and sounds like really compressed and scooped fuzz.

    the sansamp GT-2 would be the perfect swiss army knife for your needs, but it's very expensive.

    there is some digitech distortion modeller but i have no idea how it sounds. i don't care for modellers.

    it takes every guitar player to realise how much is actually possible in terms of gear versatility. my advice to you would be seeing what pedals fit into your price range and is available to you, finding the one that suits your guitar, equipment and playing style and going for that.

    just remember that overdrive pedals are used to push already hot amplifiers into more distortion, distortion pedals work best with cleanish amplifiers. barring a few exceptions, all gain pedals will sound infinitely better with a tube amplifier than with a solid state. so just because a pedal, e.g. the tube screamer, is supposedly good does not mean it will suit your setup.

    hope this gets you started.
  12. insatanity

    insatanity New Member

    The cheapest distortion pedal available is Beta Aivin HM-200. It costs around 2.5k.
  13. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    If you have a stranger...pedal would sound horrible..
  14. Anchit7

    Anchit7 New Member

    guys..parents sometimes surprise us with their parents had initially refused my plea for a processor..but then they agreed...i went yesterday to the guitar shop.....i checked out the father said that as i was buying a processor so i should probably go for a good he offered......a rp70,rp90 or a g2!!!! do tell me which one is the best....and most worth the buck.......cheers.....(i still cant stop shaking of surprise and happiness!!!!)
  15. Jimmy_Rage

    Jimmy_Rage New Member

    @Anchit7: You should try each one out and see which one you like. Never rely on hearsay from other people. Read some reviews on the internet so that you will know what to look for when testing each unit.

    @flood: I went the other way around... Started out with a Gibtone Strat style guitar and Stranger amp, bought a Zoom 505II processor... Years later, I upgraded to a Fender HM Strat... Then I bought myself a Marshall so that I could hear my tone better... Bought a GT-8... Then I started collecting stomp boxes... And recently I got myself a pedal switching system to control all the pedals and the GT-8 through midi without tapdancing...
    During this whole period of seven or eight years, I practiced night and day, braving curses from my parents and neighbours, getting to work late, losing sleep... Not even once did I wonder if my tone was crap during this whole time, except whenever I was going to upgrade to the next link in my signal chain...

    - Jimmy Rage
  16. flood

    flood New Member

    yeah, that's the approach that people take because they have a certain result in mind and i would say that works well, better than buying a processor or a bunch of effects to start with for sure. i simply had no agenda except finding the strangest sounds possible with a guitar and effects. let's just say that i rewound and intensely listened to that broken-speaker fuzz section from U2's "discotheque" more than i ever listened to a virtuoso guitar player.

    i'd been playing acoustic for a year when i decided to buy an electric. off to furtados to check out a givson and a kustom sound amplifier. that little experience actually put me off playing electric till about a year and a half later. i didn't know much about guitar tone back then, but when playing the givson through the kustom, i simply knew that i didn't want to sound like THAT. went to study abroad and bought a squier and a peavey rage 158 pretty cheap. shortly after that, i played a tube amp for the first time in the same guitar shop, and my head exploded.

    somewhere down the line, i think maybe 4 years later, i had a semblance of an income and bought my first tube amplifier and couldn't go back to solid state. then i moved back here and started building them. now i'm in dire need of DIY rehab.
  17. Jimmy_Rage

    Jimmy_Rage New Member

    You know how to build tube amps? That's real cool... Are they on the market, or are you keeping them to yourself? Do you build combo amps or just heads? How much would one cost? And what do your amps sound like, anything on the market?

    - Jimmy Rage
  18. flood

    flood New Member

    will PM you my email address. here are clips of my amps (except the first one, which is a bogner ecstasy with a pedal i built):

    to answer the first part of your question, i do custom build amps for people who want them. i don't have a way to build combos yet, so all i can offer are heads. there do exist clips of this really badass 5W amp i built for forum member thepacifist, but i'm playing on those, and my playing on the whole is embarassingly bad. prices depend on the amp specs, mail me for more info on that... i'm trying to work out a production model, i don't think there's enough of a market though. don't really want to invest my savings in a loss business.

    working on my first high-gain venture at the moment, which is a modded hotrodded soldano atomic 16 clone...
  19. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    i maybe interested too.. but that'll take sometime... don have the budget..
    but dude u're one genius here amongst all.. good to know ppl like u.. respect !!!
  20. Anchit7

    Anchit7 New Member

    hey guys....sry 4 my sms lang as m writin from my mob.....when i tried d rp90...i found it 2 b gr8 4 evrythin n ok 4 metal....d pedal definately makes a diff......d g2 seemed 2 b a jack of all trades...n i also tried a g1nxt.....its also gud..any reviews???..any probs with d rp90 or g1nxt??...cheers.....

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