problem with summer of 69???

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  1. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    ok we all know that this is a gem of a song. i often play it on my acoustic guitar. but i got a problem-

    when we reach to the part of the song ''those were the best days of my life'', after that there is a guitar riff which is played as-



    but comparing this to the actual song it sounds low.
    plz someone suggest a way to make this riff sound higher like in the orig. song
  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Mebbe your guitar needs to be tuned to standard tuning. ...?
    Currently It might be low.

    The riff you have mentioned is the correct one.
  3. cosy

    cosy New Member

    i used to have the same wht i do is instead of playin the riff..i just stop at the last beat of the para and the pick up the riffs on the following works....and sounds original too.

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