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    Hi IGT's
    I have a problem with my picking hand (The right hand as i'm right handed). The problem is i'm unable to pick fast. I am not able to catch up with my fretting hand. I'm playing guitar now for 2 years, never had a teacher just like most of you here. So, i need some tips from you guys to improve the speed of my picking hand. And what plectrum should i use i mean the thickness. Does plectrum play an important role in determining the speed of picking hand??

    One more query :- What should i do to improve the speed of my ring and pinky finger. They are work slower than index and middle finger and are not independent (in moving) as the other two are. Can anybody post some good exercise to improve that??

  2. sukrut

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    did i hear someone from the back shout "practice!"

    for your picking with the plectrum here's an exercise:
    take a scale for eg C Maj. then start picking the notes alternatively like C E D F etc......also while doing this you have to pick alternatively that is once a downstroke and then an upstroke.......just start praticing......

    usualyy the pick thickness varies depending upon the style.....if your playing lead then a thicker plectrum is more useful.....

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    i had the same problem about a year and a half thing to do is to use a metronome.....figure out the scales starting from Aminor or Cmajor......just play them all through the fretboard....with the metronome on the beat.....from the open string to the 24th or the 22nd fret.....thats the best u can do....u cant do it for about 10 mins and then go and watch tv......truely speakin.....i prac for 6 to 7 its upto to u to just be happy playin rhythm.......or become a good lead guitarist.....ur fingers are gonna hurt......but....thats the only way out.....try alternate picking as well.....i have been doin this prac for a year and a half now and i can see the difference......
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    There's only one solution

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    Try finger picking :) Also try using a thumb pick...
  6. rahulp

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    Still stuck with the same problem Saurabh??? Didn't practice eh??
    Well the same advice follows...

    Regarding the slow fingers:
    There is a simple excercise, but needs dilligent practice with a metronome. Use each finger exclusively for each fret (Index for 1st fret notes, Middle for 2nd, Ring for 3rd & pinky for 4th).

    e|---1-3-2-4---------------------------------------------------- and then go back.


    Play slow, and get it right with the metronome. Then shift the whole pattern up one fret.. eg: 2-4-3-5. and keep shifting.
    Keep practising this, eventually, your slow fingers would become more 'independent'. Combine the whole thing with alternate picking, and you would also improve on your picking speed.

    If you become an expert at the above too soon, change the configurations to 4-1-3-2 or other combinations.

    This is quite boring to do, but there is no magic practise tab that can take you to Joe Satriani's level. Only Practice.
  7. saurabh_taurian

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    Thanks for all your replies guys......time to work!!!

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