pretty woman- chords n intro tabs

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    :dance: :beer: PRETTY WOMAN - ROY ORBISON


    G -----------------------------------------
    D -----------------0-(let ring for 4 beats)
    A -------------2---------------------------
    E -0---0---4-------------------------------

    This is played twice, then comes the familiar complete arpeggio:

    G -----------------------------------------
    D -----------------0---4---2---0-----------
    A -------------2---------------------------
    E -0---0---4-------------------------------

    [E]Pretty [A]woman, walking [F#m]down the street
    Pretty [A]woman, the kind I [F#m]like to meet
    Pretty [D]woman, I don't be[E]lieve you; you're not true
    No one could look as good as you

    [E]Pretty [A]woman, won't you [F#m]pardon me
    Pretty [A]woman, I couldn't [F#m]help but see
    Pretty [D]woman, you look [E]lovely as can be
    Are you lonely just like me?

    [Dm]Pretty woman, [G]stop a while/[C]Pretty woman, [Am]talk a while
    [Dm]Pretty woman, give your smile to [C]me
    [Dm]Pretty woman, [G]yeah yeah yeah/[C]Pretty woman, [Am]walk my way
    [Dm]Pretty woman, [G]say you'll stay with [C]me

    [A]Oh, 'cause I [F#m]need you; I'll [D]treat you [E]right
    [A]Come with me [F#m]baby; be [D]mine to[E]night

    [E]Pretty [A]woman, don't [F#m]walk on by
    Pretty [A]woman, don't [F#m]make me cry
    Pretty [A]woman, don't [E]walk away, hey... okay

    If that's the [E]way it must be then okay
    I guess I'll go on home; it's late;
    there'll be tomorrow night, but wait...
    What do I see? Is she walking back to me?
    Yeah, she's walking back to me...
    Oh, oh,
    Pretty [A]Woman

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    nice work dude... havent tried it yet.. will try and comment tomorrow.. cheers..

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