Preethiside premaside kannada super song

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    Please share the chords Thank you
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    Composed by Ilaiyaraja.
    Sung by SPB.
    Am, 4/4

    (Am)Preetiside premiside
    (Dm6)Aethako naanari(Am)yae
    (E)Premadha aa bhaavavu
    (Dm)Mudidhallaeaea(F)eee (Am)baadidhe

    (Am)Cheluvanu kandu nambidhe andhu
    (Dm)olavina (G)belaken(C)dhu
    (Am)Jivana pathava thoralu bhandha
    (Dm)Jeevadha (G)jotheyen(C)dhu
    (F7)Preethiya mathu aedheyale hudhugi
    (B)kaviyithu(Fdim) irilin(E)dhu
    (B)Kaviyithu(Fdim) irulin(E)dhu.

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    Hi thank you so much for taking in my request. Hope you liked the song. Take care.regards Ravi
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    Thanks for sharing this one. :rolleyes:

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