Practicing chord shifting - Need Help

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by sky90, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. sky90

    sky90 New Member

    I am a beginner and practicing chord shifting.
    plz suggest some tips and exercises...
  2. -=NALAYAK=-

    -=NALAYAK=- New Member

    Okay m also beginner playing frm 3.5mths and i completed all major minor open and bar chords
    dost jab mai sikhra tha tab dimag ka dahi hojata tha aise hi tips dhundta tha magar ek cheej saaf hai practise isk bina kuch nai hoga meri personal tip koi b gana pakad say for eg teko g,c..d practise karna he to nothing else matter baja apne aap hojayega aur tujhe pata b nai chalega kab tera switchng hogaya ek time ayega jab tu bina dekh k bajayega keep practisng pheww mere E50 k kepad k laggaye low
  3. dheerlakshya

    dheerlakshya New Member

    the best way is to go with the rhythm of the song ur trying to play or with your tutor as he plays..... just try and shift the chords and ull get them accurate soon..... just practice 1-3 hrs daily... ull be good...

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