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Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by sudeep, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. sudeep

    sudeep New Member

    Hello Guys!

    I've started using a very good software through which we can easily learn the sheet music. With that software we can make our own tabs and listen to it.
    The software can be downloaded from the following link :(free)


    From the following site you can download the pttabs also(which is a forum)...


    But in above site there r no hindi songs available....

    I've made my own pttabs from the tabs from this forum by RJB
    File is attached and you can listen to how I'm playing the song.

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  2. sudeep

    sudeep New Member

    Great software

    I would like to say that if you are into music you should try the software once, and recommend to others so that we can share each others work.

    Enjoy Life:)
  3. RBJ

    RBJ New Member

    Hey Sudeep,
    I am cool with this. Though I havent tried this software yet as I am busy with my job search and other stuff but I am sure it must be good.

    Thanks for using my tabs and the appreciation.
  4. its4ashish

    its4ashish New Member

    Is it really works???
  5. its4ashish

    its4ashish New Member

    please send some other power tab and chords of hindi songs
  6. annand

    annand the pessimist

    that's pretty good sudeep.
  7. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    man..ur attachment simply baffled me..after extraction and all..it ultimately opened in notepad..and ah..it was a mess like this ptab   Ô  ÿÿ  CGuitar Untitledh@ .blah blah...i hope ur getting me notepad cudnt recognize it ofcourse..help me here now!!...wait do i need to download powertab editor to view this..how much memory does this s/w takes?? :shock:

  8. sudeep

    sudeep New Member

    for using the attachment you need to install the powertabs software, available online free. For links see the first message for downloads.
  9. raveathon

    raveathon New Member

    Lovely SW

    Hey Dude this SW is really cool.... I will checkout this one for sure and try out some experimentzzzz...

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