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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by rickkkyrich, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. rickkkyrich

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    Hello guys
    I will be using multiple pedals. Do i need to buy separate power supplies for each pedal or is there any other solution? Considering that all pedals require 9V.
  2. shailm

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    well the easiest and cheapest option for you may be the Visual Sound One Spot Adapter. Basically its a power supply, that you can daisy chain to multiple pedals. They claim it may power from 1 to 20 pedals, but realistically more like 7 (though i usually stick to tops 4/5). The number of pedals it can handle depends entirely on the kind of pedals you have, and the amount of power they consume. There are some issues though, not all pedals like shared power sources, especially older EHX pedals. No matter how many pedals in the chain it seems to add a little bit of noise to the chain. You can use only 9v pedals. You cannot use certain fuzz boxes(reverse polarity?). But the positives outweigh the negatives, its cheap, convenient, great for home use. costs about 20$, I'm not sure if its available on bajaao, but i do know they carry a similar product that Carl Martin makes, the one spot is apparently available at Alberto Music in Bombay. Also Ive read on the BE3 website somewhere that he makes such a power supply, so may be you can speak to him.
    If you have about 200$ to spend, space on your pedalboard, then the thing to get is the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2. You can use about 8 pedals, absolutely no added noise. It gives you the ability to use pedals rated higher than 9v (only in 2 positions i think), you can cut the power supplied to less than 9v (cool for fuzzes). Other than the price, ans space, much superior than the one spot type adapters. Other makers make such supplies but it seems that for the price the voodoo labs one seems to be the consensus. Dunlop DC Brick, BBE Supa(er?)Charger, TRex Fueltank.
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    Go to the extreme bottom of this page :


    Check if it will suit your needs.

  4. rickkkyrich

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    thanks a lot guys for your quick replies..
    Voodoo and Dunlop Brick are a bit expensive for me.. Dunlop comes at around 7k at bajaao.. and even in US it is some 100$.. I'll consider some cheaper options as of now at least..

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