posting sutrum vizhi song

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  1. zee

    zee New Member

    hi here is the song it sound some wat like this




    thats it i could only track can some one continue the song i love it very much

    <<<<<<<no matter what ever the song is its all under six strings>>>>>>>>>
  2. Guitar boy

    Guitar boy New Member

    are you sure what u play sounds right? i do like this..



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  3. srivatsan73

    srivatsan73 New Member


    There is in a riff in the interlude - veenai i think that is very nice

    -232--9(10)9--(14)(15)(14)--9(10)9-23--- E string
    ----------------------- --------------------235 B string

    the carnatic notation is (in the scale of karaharapriya)

    ' - notes octave
    , - lower octave

    Can post the whole interlude if anyone is interested
  4. zee

    zee New Member

    hey guitar boy
    your posting also sounds good but isnt that song sung in lower pitch and with no increase in the the aplitude so i tried in one fret down what you have posted
    isnt that match the song you check it out............................

    <<<<<<<no matter wat ever the song is its all under 6 strings>>>>>>>>>>>>
  5. Guitar boy

    Guitar boy New Member

    Zee, yes what I posted is in a wrong scale.The original scale is in Dminor. I play the song like this.
      su--trum vizh-i    su-da-re
    I wrote it in a different scale just to match the scale on ur first post. Your first post shows the song in E minor.

    Srivatsan, yes.. that's the riff on the interlude.
  6. zee

    zee New Member

    Gboy im sorry to say that i dono the scale reading i just played the song in key board and i just used the notations and played it in 1st string which sounded good to me and i posted it,can you help me or teach me how to read the scale and identify those things plz
    the only thing i can do is listen to the song carefully track it down to keyboard and transfer it to the guitar,isnt that sounds funny but thats wat i do

    and do you listen to telugu songs
  7. Guitar boy

    Guitar boy New Member

    hey don't ask sorry man. it's just a forum :)
    I also play keyboard only but i know guitaring also.
    Scales are nothing big deal. It's easy if you memorize which note is on which fret/string. I am no expert to teach you, but there should be some threads in beginner's section about this stuff.. take a look.

    i know only 1 telegu song.. that cheliya cheliya one.
  8. zee

    zee New Member

    hi guitar boy

    hi ok man that song is kakka kakka songs xerox right and i will see in the
    B forum as you said there are no forum to search telugu songs thats why i asked you do you know any songs of arya happy etc
    hey i livein bangalore where do you live and what is your actuall name..........

    and post me any song which you know i am tring the riff of the ondra rendra which has many mistakes and i shall post it latter when i complete it ...../......
  9. Guitar boy

    Guitar boy New Member

    hi zee i am at chennai now. was in bangalore 3 months, came back this month.
    i dont hve riffs/tabs sorry. and keep browsing igt, bcoz i never sees any better site for indian tabs. if u want chords then, its indiankeyboards forum the right place.
  10. zee

    zee New Member

    thanks for the advice man i will catch you latter i got exams by next week i will post some other songs later you too do the same ....................

    <<<<<<<<no matter whatever the song is its all under six strings>>>>>>>>>
  11. jey_dic

    jey_dic New Member

    Will any one please post the lyrics and chords of this same song sutrum vizhe sudare.

  12. zee

    zee New Member

    hey lyrics can be searched in google you know
  13. sunny1302

    sunny1302 New Member

    can u please post the interlude?

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