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    hi everyone, this is my 1st post here(1st in the sense that this time, i am posting a song myself instead of requesting one!!!!!)

    this song is: HOYTO TOMARI JONNO, sung by the legendary MANNA DEY.
    i like this song very much and have been able to figure out the lead after a lot of hard work, this is the 1st lead i have figured out myself so i am posting here, plss plssssss do let me know if anything has to be changed here and how do u like this post.

    the other thing is that i have absolutly no experience as to how to tab a song properly, as a result,the spacings between the notes are going to be wrong, pls try to figure that out yourself.


    hoyto tomari jonno,hoyecchi preme jibonno


    jani tumi ononno, asar hath barai

    jodi kokhono ekante.cheyecchi tomay jante
    shuru theke shesh prante, c****e c****e gecchi hay(these 2 lines same as above)



    ami je nijei motto,janina tomar shorto


    jodi be ghate anartha,tobuo tomay chai..ii

    tumi to balani manda
    tobukeno pratibandha
    rekho na moner dondo
    shob cchere chole jai..iii (these 4 lines same as above)

    kemon hoyecche? amar to shune motamuti thik thak lagcche, kintu mone hoy original scale e tulte parini...pls thik kore diyo....
    and do tell me how was it??because i feel very excited about my own 1st lead and i have put in a LOT of hard work in it, it took me complete day from morning till night to make this out, so replies would make me happy.
    thanks, bye
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  2. notun_guitarist

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    accha post korar shonge shonge dekhte pacchi.... ei line'tar.... erokom obostha holo ki kore??......"shuru theke shesh prante, c****e cchhute gecchi hay" ???
  3. Arindam.Ray

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    Ota thik ache....ota by default ora dhore galagali...tai orokom hoye jay....

    Proud of you bondhu.......besh valo hoyeche.......amar atleast khub valo legeche.......jodio etar chords er age taquila post koreche..anyway TABS first time and that's neatly TAB kar hobe ebong kobe pabo ?
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    its very good.............. khub bhalo hoyechhe...........

    can u give the tabs of "kon she alor shapno niye" by Asha Bhosnle?????
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    paranoid13rohan .: iNDiaN iDioT 3.0 :.

    ^^ requests in new posts please :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    welcome back

    souman da...welcome back....btw, apni je gantar link diyechhen, ota kar gaan?

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    Pls help me out

    I also love this song very much. The way you'v posted the TABs i can't understand this format. Can you please post it again in such foramt-

    Aminor (Whatever it is...)
    Hoyto taomr e jonno

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