Position playing major scale - part 2 (5-4 scale)

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    The major use of these exercises is to memorize "patterns" for major scales and once you have it down cold and can play in your sleep and don't have to think about what you are playing "physically", then you can start identifying the actual notes, put in a solo that works perfectly with an associated chord e.g. whenever you see a major chord, instead of just strumming, become creative and play a sequence of notes corresponding to that scale. It will fit perfectly (of course u still have to experiment and find a "good" sequence of notes, but even if u don't know a good sequence necessarily, just play the entire scale and change timing of the notes or do whatever !).

    Experiment and take guitar playing to the next level.

    After the 6-2 major scale post (please see part 1 thread posted earlier), here's 5-4 scale.

    E A D G B E
    | | 1 1 1 1
    | | | | 2 2
    | | 3 3 | |
    | 4 4 | 4 4

    Again, this is NOT tablature, rather the left hand finger that you will place on the string starting with the 4th finger on the 5th string and so on.

    In the first position, it is a Db major
    2nd pos Dmaj
    4th pos Emaj
    9th pos Amaj

    So far, the 6-2 and 5-4 scales have been "easy" - all the notes stay in one position. Next up 6-4 and 5-2 scales - a tad more involved - need to stretch beyond the position and come back to position.
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    nice one ., hs07 , keep it up ...

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