Poovai Poovai - Dookudu

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  1. yashkapoor

    yashkapoor New Member

    Can someone post the riff that's played at the beginning of the song?
    And also the chords that follow... (if possible!)

    Here's the song for reference:
    dookudu poovai poovai song along - YouTube

    Thanks in advance
    Happy new year :)
  2. geekdba

    geekdba New Member

    A(5th String) --------------------------5h6p5-------------
    E(6th String) ----3/8-8 8--8 8 8-6----8--------6--8-8/3---

    Above is the main riff, you can repeat the same riff 4 times

    3/8 means we have to slide from 3rd fret to 8th fret... 8/3 is same technique sliding backwards from 8 to 3rd fret
    5h6p5 means pick the 5th fret of 5th string once and hammer on to 6, then pull off to 5 (don't pick 3 times)
  3. i tried but couldn't play this properly.
    anyone else tried?
  4. geekdba

    geekdba New Member

    u need video?
  5. anup ar

    anup ar New Member

    appreciate your effort with th tab but its not tat accurate to the music so pls... link a video or try n refine it
    ....thank you...:)
  6. geekdba

    geekdba New Member

    sorry after so many months i checked, i will update video in this week

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