Poll: How did u learn to play guitar?

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  1. micraft

    micraft New Member

    well i'm just a newbie, well many of u must have gone for guitar class and many must have learned from books, friends or the internet.

    Well those people who have gone for guitar classes, what did the tutor actually teach u in order, i mean what should i learn first, all i know is to read tab and a little bit of chords.

    I really find tabs really exciting, but most of u in this forum prefer chords, i mean when u play the chords u won;t be able to hear the tune of the song, its just background music to the lyrics rite, i really don;t know thats why i'm asking.

    Well i want this thread to be a poll on how people actually learned how to play guitar. Hope u all cooperate.
  2. rochakchauhan

    rochakchauhan New Member

    Hey micraft,
    First of all Welcome to IGT... and buddy I noe what are you askin..so here goes all your answers...
    #1) First of all...you learn what type of guitar you have (Classical, Acoustic,Electric.....n which type of Strings...Nylon ..steel...) n then Buddy...we learn how to hold (grip) it properly. Then come the Tuning part. how to tune your guitar.

    #2) Yeah Tabs are just the tune(melody) of a song. Tabs usually are best for playin in the beginin or in the middle of a song where you need melody. Tabs are also good to just play a song (and not SING WITH IT)....some thing like soem light instrumental music.
    #3) But the Chords are the soul of a song....although you wont noe the tuneof a song...but chords are ment to be played while you are singin some song. YEAH BUDDY! the idea of playin a chord is to provide background music to the lead singer.

    hope you've got a fair idea bout all this...right :) if not feel free to ask...IGT if full of future Santana and Slash...till then take care n PEACE
  3. Natasia

    Natasia ...

    hey micraft...i guez rocha .... has told u most of the things u wanted to know ... as for me ... i do go to a teacher but do quite a lot of learning over the web too........ my teacher started with some simple exercises over the fret board so as to get us comfortable with the guitar..then he taught us how to tune the guitar... (me still not tooo good at it....).. then we moved on to the major and minor scales.... these help u with the leads....n also help make u'r fingers flexible..... then i moved on to major,minor etc chords..... me is still learning chords.... barre chords that is.....
    n like chauhan said,,,, u can't sing along with the leads with chords u can sing ...
    n wat else.... welll ... me can't think of much... will keep u updated with the things i keep learning in my class.....
    n yup.... b'fore i forget .... me also learnt loaddssaaaaa songs at my class...... all the easy ones that is.......(played with both tabs n chords...) :) :) :) ....

    :rock: :rock: :rock:
  4. dhim

    dhim New Member

    If you want to learn guitar or any other music instrument my advice is go find a good teacher in Music, listen to what he says, parctise your stuff daily and above all have faith in your teacher and yourself.


  5. nebuchadnezzar

    nebuchadnezzar G34r G33k

    I think junta have covered the basics...its best u start with a good teacher..u know..then u can have a correct technique and some theory fundaes too..
    I didn't go to any teacher....n although i can play barre chords and simple leads i am not too sure of my technique..
    u HAVE to learn the chords man...it greatly helps if u r a good singer...when u sing along u know exactly where to change the chords...start with simple G C D type songs(I recommend lucky Ali) ....the barre chords n leads will take some time..keep doing the exercises for finger strength..
    at some point a pro is required to take u to that next level...
  6. micraft

    micraft New Member

    thanks a lot for the advice, especially the one from rochakchauhan, now i understand the difference between chords and tabs.
    Well i know how to hold a guitar, i have a acoustic steel string guitar, i know how to tune a guitar.
    I really like to play tabs, like the intro of all the songs like aicha from outlandish, i can play that.
    Well thanks a lot guys, i really wish this thread will get more responses, just tell me how u guys learned how to play guitar?
  7. hey i bought my guitar in may n learnt playing it via softwares n the net n also via u guys
    i think i'm doing gud but when my xams r over in nov i'll look 4 a gud teacher
  8. ron

    ron New Member

    hey guys n gals

    i sorta just signed up a couple days ago, and have already found this site pretty useful. I started playing the guitar about 6 months ago, bought my first one that is. finger movement for me was not too hard to get used to as i have had previous experience with the keyboar. hey micraft i reckon if u got a good voice go a head master your chords, thats da key to being a good entertainer. leads are always a good skill to have, but when u performin wid ur mates they dont want to listen to boring instrumentals, instead would ove to join the singing wid u. Ive sorta gone wid dat approach, u get better wid leads the more u play, its all in the practice man, try free styling.

    i always keep da guitar near me all da time man, i easily spend about 3 hours on it easily. im sorta in dat stage as nebuchad.. said, searchin for a pro to show me the next step.

    as for now, im rapidly, memorising the chords to more and more songs. its all about fun at the end of the day.

    keep it real
  9. alex

    alex New Member

    micraft ! well i must say buddy you are great to learn all that by your own, from books and net, well i hav learned it from a teacher initially for six months, but unfortunataly my teacher has to go somewhere. so i start referring to net , well i have been working without a teacher since last one year - but know i feel the need of a gud teacher for advanced learning - like western classical , blues, jazz. And obviously a live teacher is better than internet and books, although i have learn't a lot from internet and this site too..... Rest all depends on dedication and how much time you spend on practice.
  10. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    I learnt guitar by listening to a lot of songs and playing them.. Techniques by watching a lot of Videos..
  11. aliraza

    aliraza New Member

    Well once in 1992 a friend of mine bought a guitar... (I never had a chance to play or even see it) but he gave me a book he got with his guitar... it was just a 20 pg. book with just a over view of the guitar parts and some basic cords.... I still have its last 2 pages which are the diagram of 10 to 15 chords.. well at that time I memorized them... then after some good 4 years, a friend of mine gave me his guitar to help him sell it.

    I tried to play the chords but it didn’t work ( by that time I didn’t knew any thing about tuning the guitar or some thing like that… end result… it sat beside my bed for almost a year.) then after some good 3 years a friend of mine ( Zia ) from our university told me that he play the guitar… I went to his place and played his guitar ( it was tuned that time ;) , it was fun…. Then I convinced a friend of mine to buy a guitar…that poor guy bought a guitar… and guess what…. he didn’t liked to play guitar as it was so difficult and at first your fingers hurt too…

    so I asked him to lend me his guitar… then that guitar is with me for almost 4 years.. Zia and his brother Naveed who also plays guitar are the one who supported me in playing a guitar…. I use to go at there place once a week or some thing and naveed used to play his songs in front of me… then by visually seeing and asking questions I started to play … once again Zia and his brother Naveed are the ones who showed me the way to seek my goals…

    I never exactly had any lessons from a proper teacher but still one must have some one for guidance.. and then came this net thing… I started visiting some tabs site, and joined some yahoo groups.. they also contributed a lot… and finally its practice… no one can teach you to play guitar.. it’s the thing you have to do it your self.. the more time you put in to the better you get… but still at some time you have to seek some guidance…

    Now as I am doing a job, I bought my self one full size acoustic guitar, a Yamaha 120d electric guitar and a zoom 606 processor.. and still have that old student size guitar with me.. ( I never gave it back to my friend even though he always ask me to give it back to him…) that’s it..

    Ali Raza
  12. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    Oh my.. Look at how i learnt the guitar.. I'm feeling Inferior..
  13. ananth222

    ananth222 Beginner

    To really learn

    It doesn't matter whether you get a tutor, or learn from friends or learn from the net, the only key to good playing is to practise practise practise. Fall in love with your instrument and treat it like your sweetheart, hold it every day and play it every night. Take it to bed with you if you can.
  14. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    True Fact.. Just get a Knack for the Instrument.. Also you should be inseperable from it..
  15. MARS

    MARS Mars Ji...Finally!!!!!

    Trying to make it inseparable...but taking it to bed...hmmm...that wud be uncomfortable...
  16. KannadaBoi

    KannadaBoi Kannadiga

    I started playing Guitar last year. I took Guitar as a course in school and that's what got me really interested in playing the guitar. My teacher was excellent in teaching me the tuning methods, Chords and reading music. I used to borrow the school's guitar every weekend and used to play it day and night. Now, I've bought my own Acoustic guitar and I love playing it. To be a good guitar player, one must practice, practice and practice, but the most important things it to have interest and love towards playing your guitar.
  17. MARS

    MARS Mars Ji...Finally!!!!!

    Rightly Said KB...

    Practice and Love for the instrument is must...

  18. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    No nat that way Mars
  19. ron

    ron New Member

    hey jayanth, elaborate on da vids u watched for ur techniques. right now dats what i need to work on, as i am tutorless.
  20. haid302

    haid302 New Member

    Hey all. Well, I have been playing guitar for about a couple of months now, and am comfortable playing and switching between all major and minor chords (ABCDEFG). These days I am working on playing these chords alternatively, where I beleieve they are not as good sounding, but hell lot easier to switch (eg G A and F) I recomend chordfind.com for that purpose. You can first see the most usual way to play a chord, then you can click on 'Alternative' button in the bottom, to see other ways the chord can be played.. In start, I found it almost impossible to play the C chord, because how you have to bridge your fingers.. switching was like completely impossibe, but I kept trying and trying without caring about the clearness of the sound, and now I am a master switcher between C G A D F and E.. B is still a toughie, but I'm working on it. I would recomend trying out songs.. something like american pie would be great. ALso try playing "Don't" by Jewel.. You can find the chords on any site. It's played on G C and D chords. You dont really strum the chord, instead you pluck the strings, while holding these chords, so it's easier, and you can learn how to get clear sound out of each string, so the whole chord would sound pretty.. ok, I think I've rambled enough..sorry :(

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