Points to check before buying a second hand guitar

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by rust_in_pain, Oct 2, 2005.

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    hi all,

    the topic says it all.what exactly should i do to ensure that the guitar is not faulty (mainly the truss rod).

  2. Coal

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    I doubt, you can check the truss rod to make sure it works (i.e. it moves), because you would have to turn it and then you destroy the action. I guess if it is visible see if the adjusting nut (?) is not rusted. I onec bought a used guitar and at that time I was just starting and yes the truss rod had problems, i..e I couldnt adjust it. In the end I traded it at a shop where I bought a new guitar.

    Check the action by playing. I guess that is the most important thing. Do a visual inspection of the neck from the headstock end and see for straightness/up bow/ back bow.

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  3. rust_in_pain

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    if there is any bow in the rod, does tht means the problem cannot be solved?
  4. abhijitnath

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    it depends on the degree of bow. most of the time for reasonably built guitars it can be adjusted for things like tempearature change etc

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