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    This Poem is by the Renowned Punjabi writer/poetress Amrita Pritam who passed away few days back..i simply didnt know about the presence of such a legend..while watching a documetary on tv i had a glimpse at her works n life..im deeply touched by her poems..so i searched on internet and was lucky enuf to find few poems by her translated in english

    Following is a poem she wrote for her Husband who is a famous Painter

    I will meet you yet again

    I will meet you yet again
    How and where
    I know not
    Perhaps I will become a
    figment of your imagination
    and maybe spreading myself
    in a mysterious line
    on your canvas
    I will keep gazing at you.

    Perhaps I will become a ray
    of sunshine to be
    embraced by your colours
    I will paint myself on your canvas
    I know not how and where —
    but I will meet you for sure.

    Maybe I will turn into a spring
    and rub foaming
    drops of water on your body
    and rest my coolness on
    your burning chest
    I know nothing
    but that this life
    will walk along with me.

    When the body perishes
    all perishes
    but the threads of memory
    are woven of enduring atoms
    I will pick these particles
    weave the threads
    and I will meet you yet again.

    for more of her b'ful poems>

    Revert back if u also found her poems meaningful, deep and moving!
    she's no more..passed away on 31st October!
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    hmm good poem .. can u post a link for that poem on waris shah ? its in punjabi i guess
  3. abhimanjrekar

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    nice poem..saw her tht day though wen she passed away..
  4. CrYpTiC_angel

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    came across this, originally written by amrita pritam...


    When I moved into your bed
    I was not alone-there were two of us
    A married woman and a virgin
    To sleep with you I had to offer the virgin in me;
    I did so
    This slaughter is permissible in law
    Not the indignity of it
    And I bore the onslaught of the insult
    The next morning I looked at my blood-stained hands
    I washed my hands
    But the moment I stood before the mirror
    I found her standing there
    The one whom I thought I had slaughtered last night;
    Oh God! Was it too dark in your bed
    I had to kill one and I killed the other ?
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    @ nemo

    no idea..m sure uL find it sumwhere if u google coz i think i did come across that


    yeah..thats another nice poem..where did u find it?
  6. CrYpTiC_angel

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    i found it on a blog according to which it came in the times of india

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