POD XT Live, Yamaha G50 and Laney AH50 for sale

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by abhijitnath, May 21, 2008.

  1. abhijitnath

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    For sale:
    1. POD XT Live-Updated with seven new wahs, 12 amps including the fantastic Dumble emulation, etc. Comes with Variax cable, priced at INR 2000 in the market.
    2. Yamaha G50 Guitar MIDI convertor-Blazing fast MIDI convertor, with fret split, string split, for al GK-3 compliant products.
    3. Laney AH50-The best solution for those using any Multi-FX or amp modeler, since it's a clean amp with no coloration (and lots of headroom). Also good for keyboard players. Has 2 instrument level ins, 1 line in and 1 RCA input for connecting with a CD player, etc.
    Email me at abhijit.nath@db.com for more details and pricing. I'm based in Mumbai.

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