Po Ne poo - 3- Guitar cover

Discussion in 'Tamil Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by cibhin, Apr 18, 2013.

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    Good one, cibhin! Keep posting..
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    I we are ready to publish, we should be ready for criticism. + critics only help us grow. I never said his voice did not match. The scale at which he is singing is wrong I said.

    I am sorry for giving a comment that he cannot accept (if he). please consider my new comment.

    superb. keep it up.
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    He himself, said that his voice doesn't suite this song. So I feel criticize is not needed here. But I wonder how many of us have ability to sing and play together? Its always good to praise in public and if it needs to be criticized, then it should be in person. Its my personal opinion and it doesn't mean to hurt or against you. Hope you ll take it in positive way.

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    Yes Perl , Peadeep .. I agree with what you say.. The fact is, i love the song, i am very much aware that, it hight pitched.. when i try to sing in high pitch, i am unable to concentrate on guitar at all..!! it was a failure attempt to sing in original scale.

    Then i saw this one


    He is not singing in original pitch though..!! So then i decided just relax enjoy and sing.. Not to bother with the singing and all..

    The the result was that..!! LOL even i myself used to laugh on seeing my cover..!! It was just a wish.. And tadaa i did it ;)
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    So awesome chibhin. Can u pls pls give me the strumming pattern and the chords as well. Appreciated much:)
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