Plzz help me Find a guitar teacher in Noida, Delhi...

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by parag123, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. parag123

    parag123 New Member

    Hi All....I am a beginner guitarist who has been playing for 5 mnths now....
    I am searching for a good and affordable guitar teacher in Noida or East Delhi region....
  2. knishchal

    knishchal New Member

    Guitar Teacher in Noida

    The best one I know is NOIDA GUITAR SCHOOL in Sec 41 which is there since last 1-2 years to that I know.

    They can be reached at 9899538866.

    I had some problem with the basics which I think was taking time. I tried a few small centers but they were really worth nothing.... . My suggestion is- never try a small home learning center.

    Noida Guitar School is far-far better than others in Noida.
  3. palthestud

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  4. amitruwali

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  5. SqueakM9

    SqueakM9 mumble

    mate this is a million times better than a teacher...

    and you only have to pay once...

    plus you get a fantastic guitar

    just give it a read coz you wont look back i sware on it...

    go for gold young padawon!!!
  6. digitalworkshop

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    Thanks mate! I saw the link and i am bowled over. I want to learn to play guitar and i think its a great way but where can you buy this in New Delhi?
    Any shops? Please reply ASAP.

  7. thakurkamal2009

    thakurkamal2009 New Member

    guitar teacher in noida


    I know Mr Sunil who wonderful guitarist, keyboard player and composer. You can contact him at 9818288962.

    He lives in Noida, sector 12. I am learning from him for last 1 year.

  8. sfari

    sfari New Member me...
  9. cool.abhi79

    cool.abhi79 New Member

    Though its not wat u asked for i would say if u got net access at home there is lot of information and videos out there which can help u learn guitar starting from how to sit and how to hold it.

    If u go the torrent way u will be bowled over by the information available. So if u are still looking for a good teacher give the internet a try. I am sure u wont regret.

  10. rashisingh1211

    rashisingh1211 New Member

    is it home tution or smthng ... ????
  11. rashisingh1211

    rashisingh1211 New Member

    does he come 2 ur place 2 teach u ????
  12. kumar13245

    kumar13245 New Member

    Guitar Teacher

    hello I am Kumar Gaurav and I can teach 08010113506

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