Plzz help me buying a new guitar!

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by sidrock2004, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. sidrock2004

    sidrock2004 New Member

    hey ppl im sid new to this community.I live in Noida and im planning to buy a new guitar(My first guitar).I wanna play metal.So ppl help me out:

    Jackson RX10DX Randy Rhoads-29K
    Jackson KVX10 King V-26K
    Jackson Extreme Warrier WRXT-26K
    (Onstage Noida)

    Ummm...tell me which one is the betta one for me cos i donno know anythin about guitar.My buget is about 30K lemme know if i can get much betta guitar rather than those three iv mentioned above.
  2. coolguyno1

    coolguyno1 New Member

    Why not go for Fender'll get it in this price ...Yamaha would also be good ...
  3. suryansh

    suryansh New Member

    can any one of you plz tell me the address of onstage noida???

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