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    i ve been playin guitar for a few months...i can switch over chords i lack rhythm in strumming...can anybody suggest me some patterns to practise...or tell me hw to go bout it...Also hw do i find out the strummin pattern of d song...ppl tell me u gotta hear d song i really cant figure out the strummin pattern tht ways....can anyone plz guide me !! thnx
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    Solution to your problem

    Hey dude
    you really like to know the solution to this problem so here it is a 8 letter word "PRACTICE" Just stick to it try & practice the songs posted by senior IGTians with audio clips. Initially try and imitate them later on you will be able to figure out the chords by yourself. Also while listening to the songs concentrate on the drums or beats those will give you an idea of the strumming. almost everyone face this problem initially but as you keep practicing you get hand on it.
    Happy Guitaring

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