Plz help me with chords.

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  1. KhurramJamshed

    KhurramJamshed New Member

    Hello guys,
    i am a newbie, and trying to learn guitaring for few days though i have a passion for music and learning instrument for ages, i have an electric guitar its a very basic one nothing special, but i guess it works for me as a beginner for the time being;

    i am practising beginner lessons for a while to stretch my fingers and for basic awarenes, but i am stuck now; i want to play some song, this way i can practise the chords of that song and it helps me increasing my motivation towards learning;

    Now the problem is, when i found any song with the chords, it usually mentioned the chord names, and when i am trying to find those chord structre on some website to play i usually end up finding 2-3 different chord structure of the same name, and sometimes i cant find the exact one;

    So if someone please help me with this, or even guide me few things that how can i proceed, which are the easy songs to practise (with chords plz) and from where i can find those chords, i would really really (and i mean it) appriciate it;

    I am a member of IGT for quite some time now, but always hesitate to post any msg before though i sign up quite often, and i really like the work few ppl (notty_lad, krazy gal etc), and i have witnessed that people on this forum are always ready to help each other, which encourage me to post this;

    thx in advance guys and hopefully i ll be in touch from now on.
  2. rashrahul4u

    rashrahul4u New Member

    hey man just do not loose heart there is a chord chart here it self you ned not to refer any other site. Just search that chart. all the chord structures are given there. Those will be very handy.


    Happy Guitaring
  3. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    u learn on a electric!!!awesum!!!newayz try da chords which u find da easiest .One more thing learning da strumming on da net is really tuff so u gotta here da song very keenly, try finding da strum and play it!!!!
  4. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    umm and one more thing wrong forum dude!!!!
  5. iprakash

    iprakash Proud IGTian

    Here is the chord chart:

    It has most of the chords except for suspended ones.

    First of all you learn the following major chords only: A, C, D, E & G. B & F are a bit tough so avoid them in the beginning. Whenever you learn, learn F before B

    Also learn the following minor chords: Am, Dm & Em. Rest are a little tough.

    Now search for songs which ONLY have these chords. Refer to the above chord chart and play the songs. Slowly learn other chords and try songs which use them. This is the way to proceed.

    And lastly ... Post in the right forum. This thread belongs to the Beginner's Q&A Forum
  6. GuitarzGirl64

    GuitarzGirl64 New Member

    HI Im New

    UM................. DOes any body know any mellow songs and have cords for them i need some suggestions because my auntis aniversary is in 2 days so i need some guitar chords and music thx
  7. KhurramJamshed

    KhurramJamshed New Member

    hey, thank guys, thx alot for all these useful tips;
    and sorry for the wrong forum, i didnt realized;

    but just for the sake of curiosity, is it really difficult to learn on electric guitar or is it like its not logical ?

  8. iprakash

    iprakash Proud IGTian

    Although I have never played an electric, people say its easier coz of the low action. Also one strums an electric lightly than one strums an acoustic.

    You are right in saying that its NOT LOGICAL to start on an electric. Logic says that learn on an acoustic and then move to an electric if you want to.
  9. jozko

    jozko Banned

    KhurramJamshed, i hope u already learned some of ur fav songs. If u r still struggling, put a req for the particular song(s) u r trying and many here can help u with proper chords, fingerings and rythms. I understand that being able to play a song or two keeps one highly motivated than just practicing chords, strumming patterns and learning theory everyday and still not able to play a song.
  10. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    Will this thread ever be moved?
  11. chatty_arko

    chatty_arko New Member

    dude i think u shud have started wit an acoustic one neways first of all try playin all major n minor chords wit different strummin pattern dat will help u in gainin speed for changing of chords n goin in flow with d beats
  12. Praneet

    Praneet New Member

    your problem is simple

    first learn the basic chords ie the major chords n then the minors, 7's ,sus etc
    Look as u r tellin that u find diffrent chord structure's...well a single chord can be played in many ways so dont worry...A chord is basically a combination of different notes and a single note is repeated many times on the fret board of a guitar which gives us a chance to play one chord in more than one g chord it can b played as follows:-

    --------------3-------------------E ------------3-------------------
    T------------------------------- B ------------3-------------------
    --------------------------------- G ------------5-------------------
    A------------------------------- D ------------6--------------------
    --------------2------------------- A --------------------------------
    B-------------3------------------- E -------------------------------
  13. Sheerig

    Sheerig New Member

    i tink i can help u ............

    see i got some stuf for u... first u shouldn't use electric one at ur start.. get a good acoustic once... i got it frm net.....

    Part One--Introduction to the Guitar and How to Play Chords

    * Getting into Position. Information that every beginner should know before they start out!
    * Introduction to Chords. The basis of all music - Learn A and D and see why learning them with Jamorama is easy.
    * Strumming. One of the most important things you must know if you want to progress with your playing.

    Part Two--Reading Guitar Tablature

    * The Fret Tablature relationship. A little tool that will break down the music reading barrier and super accelerate your learning!
    * How Tablature works. Get inside information on this brilliant time saving concept.
    * The repeat sign.

    Part Three--The Art of Chord Movement

    * Learn the G chord. Add to your database of chords.
    * Eigth Note Strumming. And to think, two days ago you could hardly strum a thing.
    * Chord Changing. Now you are really cooking with fire and it's sounding hot!
    * Warm up exercises. One of the most important things you will ever learn about playing the guitar!

    Part Four--Developing your Strumming Hand

    * Missing the beat. This trick will blow you away!
    * Building speed. Faster isn't always better, but it's a hell of a lot of fun.
    * Mixing chords and varying strums. It's really coming together now!
  14. Sheerig

    Sheerig New Member

    got some tips....

    i tink these r the basics and shud follow this ... so tat u respect ur instrument

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  15. arneet

    arneet New Member


    hi everybody.

    please can someone help me with srumming patterns.

    i'm just a beginer.

  16. jozko

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  17. chatty_arko

    chatty_arko New Member

    well arneet did u join ne class

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