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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by soumya256, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. soumya256

    soumya256 New Member

    hola every1
    tommorow m goin 2 buy a new electric guitar ...

    plz tell the best 1s.....
    m nt a beginner n not even a proffesional....
    so which 1 is gud 4 me ....n shud b less than 25k
    plz also tell about amplifier n stuff......

    m sry i dont kno much about it....
  2. metalmickey

    metalmickey New Member

    beginner?.....go for either the yamaha pacifa with amp pack as they are the best.otherwise start off with a washburn x10 which comes around 10k and get a roland micro cube or cube 15x as they are really good.....check out for online purchase but its better to go to a musicals check em out urself with ur guitar master or someone like that!!....anyway what kinda music you into?.check out the ibanez..gor 20k ull get gud stuff from them n get a roland 15x..they bill sums upto 26000rs!!!!!!!!!!....anyway check out this thread
  3. distorted

    distorted satan

    I wont suggest a washburn... they dint impress me much... Yamaha pacifica is a gud beginner option, ibanez GRGs r gud, corts will b gud, greg bennett is another gud option.
    As far as amps r concerned, try roland n laney. Try out things yrself, as u r in delhi, u'll get lots of things in stores...
  4. soumya256

    soumya256 New Member

  5. metalmickey

    metalmickey New Member

    hmmm....check on startin from the wood that the guitar is made to strings used!!....check out both fixed bridges and tremolo bridges(go for em mainly if u thnk ull use them!!).check the neck type!!....mainly play them tru a good amp n check em out as only then ull realise the potential of the pickups!!.
  6. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    If this is your first electric, I say you buy a fixed bridge (not a floating/tremolo bridge). They're bound to be craptastic at this price range, plus it's a truckload of unnecessary complication.

    Do not try them on a high end amp...try it with the amp you're going to buy or (for future) exactly the same on you already have. "You're testing the guitar, not the amp"...crap guitars can sound way better with a pro-level amp :p

    That post. Best testing guide I know.

    Also, this should help you out quite a bit for knowing what to get, and to verify your choices.

    Best of luck.
  7. metalmickey

    metalmickey New Member

  8. bigvishal01

    bigvishal01 New Member

    -i got a budget of 5k,wanna buy,n electric guitar,,,
    -where to buy,(in delhi).
    -what accessories to buy with it,
    -n how to choose a gud elec.guitar??
    --plz,,mods,,do reply,,b4 13,,oct....
  9. bigvishal01

    bigvishal01 New Member

  10. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    Don't go in for a floyd rose or even a one with a simple tremolo for that matter as of now..........since you are not a professional m sure sure u dun need to divebomb and stuff...........i suggest u go for a greg bennett avion series guitar.....Av1/Av3/Av6 all fit in your budget..............

    and as for the amp it depends on whether you want to practice in your bedroom or with a band..........for bedroom a 15 watt roland/laney would be fine......but if you are practicing with a band you will need a 100watt monster or rather anything over 40 watts...........and the only passable 100 watt that fits in your budget is a stranger......
  11. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    try searching for the thousand threads already written on this topic....or atleast start your own thread......

    all you can get in 5k is either a java or a giVson......while the former is much better than the latter it still is not decent enough.....raise your budget to 9k or 10k invest in a GB&A/Yamaha.......they aren't good but atleast you have an option of having a playable axe by upgrading your pickups to EMG's/ Duncans or something later on when your pocket allows........that's wat i have done.................

    And wat bout the amp and the pedal/proc.....wat good is an electric without them?????
  12. soumya256

    soumya256 New Member

    i hav bought Aria 714..
    n marshall amp.
    thnx all u guyz :)
  13. metalmickey

    metalmickey New Member

    have fun....happy diwali!!!!!!!!!!!RoCk On!!!!!!!!!!!

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