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    hi eveyone..i m planning to purchase a electro acoustic guitar with budget betn 10000-13000 rupees..i searched the web and found good guitars within my range viz fender and ibanez..i consulted my music teacher he suggested me pluto and it would cost around 8500-/-..he told me that if i m nt goin earn money by playing guitar and why shud i invest so much and in terms of sound qualitiy there wud b negligible diff betn pluto and fender/yamaha/ibanez..i m realy pluto an internatnl acclaimd brand and r they imported in india,do it hve a problem of bending of neck,it even does nt hve its own website.howz the sound quality..or shud i shell sum money and get a trusted brand viz fender..i dnt wnt to regret in future plz its a one time investment for me
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    View Profile: Sumanovo razor - Indian Guitar Tabs ask sumanova razor he has an semi acoustic guitar (acoustic/ electric) he brought it for 4000rs it seems like it gives good sound and its custom made
    as far as i know fender/ibanez are completely on a different level when compared to pluto
    pluto is chinese made
    hmmm seems like you have included the cost of amplifier with it
    check and furtados online for cost the

    the retail price in your nearest musical store should be less than the online price of the product
    eg granadas online price is 3300 but the best buy price is 2900

    my suggestion if you are really looking for a longterm relationship with your guitar and of resale value and of sound you should buy fender/ibanez
    because they last long (if you use carefully) and give good sound when they age

    the question should be more like
    should i buy a fender/ibanez

    check the forum or type the brand name such a pluto in the search bar you will find every kind of topic related to it

    things you need to know before you buy a guitar
    play the guitar once with a pick
    go to more than 3 stores and more than 1 time
    the best thing take your sir with you
    my personal opinion is to buy one from a store with best price than from your sir
    no matter how good he is he will charge some commission

    good luck

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