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    hey Frends ... though tis question is not related to guitar i wud seriously like to hear suggestions 4m u ... i play guitar quite decently(atleast i Feel so) .. but the problem lies with my singing ... wenever i sing and strum my guitar live it sounds OK (the timing ie shiFT oF chords and lyrics go in sync ..(AGAIN :D atleast i Feel so Lol )... but once i record (Recordings also the timings are OK and in sync with chords and lyrics) .. BUT The Problem IS wen i hear my voice i just dunt feel like posting the recordings :( ... coz my voice suxxx ... Pls help me out regarding tis ... anyway way 2 improve vocals ??? coz its a desperate Feeling knowing tat u can guitar and sing along at the same time but ashamed 2 post it bcoz oF the voice ...
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    lol..well I can understand how you feel..ironically you'll never know how your voice is unless someone else hears it...I thought my voice sucked (it does actually) and I used to get literally shocked when I heard my own amplified voice when I talked into a mic...
    The thing is if you sing and strum together,and your guitar is in tune with your voice it becomes melodious...but 1 can not judge himself...either post your recordings or play it in front of an honest unbiased audience..."Rozana" by Amitabh is a pretty good example I guess...he sings in his own range of vocals...
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    there is already a thread related to singing. and practice is the only way to improve!!

    and wrong forum, i'm moving it.

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