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    hi new 2 dis thing...can anyone tell me how 2 perform da following things(dont be fooled by my username, i am a newbie)
    h = Hammer On
    p = Pull Off
    ~ = Sustain
    v = Vibrato
    w = Wide Vibrato
    b = Bend Up
    hb = Bend Halfway
    * = Trill
    H = Harmonic
    t = Right Hand Tap
    : = Let Ring

    pls help
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    The Upward Slur (Hammer-On, Ascending Ligado)
    Slurs are fun. They are easy to do and open up all sorts of new musical possibilities. The slur is a means of linking one note to another in a way that sounds smoother than playing each note separately. Upward slurs are known colloquially as hammer-ons, and downward slurs as pull-offs, for reasons that will become obvious.
    First let’s learn the upward (hammer-on) slur. What we want to do is to link two notes together where the second is higher in pitch than the first.

    For example, let’s move from the open top string to the note one fret above:


    To play this example, first play the open first string, then hammer the
    left-hand first finger down to sound the note at the first fret. Because the first fret is played only with the left hand, it is necessary to bring the finger down smartly with enough force to sound the note. Notice that the two notes sound linked together compared with the two notes played separately by the right hand. Try doing it both ways to hear the effect.

    Remember these technique points:
    ➤ The hammer must be strong enough to sound the second note clearly.
    ➤ The finger that hammers starts from a point not too far from the string, not more than 1/2 to 3/4 inch. Otherwise you could miss the string, or at least the exact point that you want to strike. You will get the best sound hammering just behind the fret.
    ➤ Hammer with the tip of the finger, not the side.
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    The Downward Slur (Pull-Off, Descending Ligado)
    The term pull-off gives a clue to the technique of the downward slur. The first note is played, then the left-hand finger pulls away, plucking the string as it goes.

    Here is how it looks in tablature and standard notation:


    It is important to remember that the left hand actually plucks the second note. Many beginners just lift the finger off, resulting in a weak slur. Try it now, and really sound the open string. Where two fretted notes are involved, both fingers must be in position before starting the slur, otherwise the second note will be indistinct.

    Try this one:

    Place the first finger firmly behind the first fret. Then put the third finger on, play the note with the right hand, and pluck the finger away to sound the lower note.
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    I'll post da rest if u want just PM me ..........bye :D
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    thanx pls help me wid the rest of da things.
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