Pls help: Guitar Teacher reqd.

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    Dear all,

    I have been fan of guitar now for a long time and was in an impression that I need to learn playing classical guitar to play guitar.

    Once while speaking to one of my friends who himself a guitarist (unfortunately now he is out of India and we are no more in touch), I understood that I need not to be a classical guitar player to play for myself. He cited example of Mr. Anjan Dutta. He suggested me "Just learn to play for yourself, so that you can accompany yourself for the little bit horrible songs that you sing out".

    Now at last I have decided to learn guitar. Frankly nor do I want to be a master in playing guitar neither do I have the talent required. I just want to learn simple chord playing so that I can play for myself. Previously I tried my hand with one of the local guitar teachers, but to my disappointment I found that his objective was to play rabindrasangeet on his guitar.

    For last few days I have been going through the posts here and thought you guys are the best to suggest me from whom to learn.

    As I scrolled through the posts, I also understood that Mr. Amyt Dutta would be too much for me to understand.

    I also understand Mr. Vikramjit Banerjee also teaches playing guitar. Can someone give me his contact no., so that I can get in touch with him. My e-mail ID is:

    Would also love to have a suggestion on one thing from you guys, who have been playing guitars for quite a time now and attained a certain degree of expertise. I want to strum with bare fingers. Don't want use...ummm...I don't know what that small thing is called, which is used for strumming. See, I am so uneducated in things related to guitar...having a good laugh over it ? Have a hearty laugh.

    Anyway pls let me know the contact no. of Mr. Vikramjit Banerjee and your valuable suggestion on the above.

    best wishes,

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