Please suggest some easy tabs to practice

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by supernic, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. supernic

    supernic New Member


    I began learning acoustic guitar a month back. I can play the sargams in Cmaj now but am finding it somewhat difficult to play songs at correct speed. Can anyone please suggest some slow tabs with which to begin?

    Is there any easy way to remember the tab sequences except lots of practice?

  2. zak*wylde

    zak*wylde New Member

    hey Supernic, you should try playing the song called Summer of 69' by Bryan Adams. It is an easy song having three easy chords(Amaj , Dmaj , Gmaj)

    If you listen to the song carefully (about 2-3 times) before playing, u will find it easy to remember the tablature.............ENJOY!!!!!
  3. Tinu

    Tinu New Member

    zak*wylde he wants to play tabs and not chords . Chords are hard to play
    no ?
  4. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    any tab will be difficult to play until u master it,
    there is no such thing as easy tabs,
    plz understand u will defenitely have to practice before u can play it properly.

    a month is a very short time ,be patient and practice
    patience is a bitter plant but it has sweet fruits.

    ok to get started try the all time hit
    'tujhe dekha to ye jana' from ddlj

    and then adat solo

    just select any of ur favourite song,(cause u will be inspired to practice)
    and don't expect any results before 1 week.

    and just try and try again,
    when u master the fingerings,(there will be a time when u will be able to put ur fingers without thinking)
    later u can work on the timing

    best of luck!!
  5. xan

    xan New Member

    Dilko tumse pyar hua from rehna hai tere dilme
  6. supernic

    supernic New Member

    Thanks Guys!

    I was starting to get disappointed but realize now that more patience is required...
  7. problem child

    problem child New Member

    SUPERNIC , try to play song Milo na Milo from movie LOVE STORY 2050
    submitted by me . I think it is easy song to play for newbie . And it also
    seems that song Aa chal ke tujhe song is also good for you to play , as
    you found it difficult to play songs at correct speed . This song is with a
    Karaoke Track so I think it is easier for you to get the right speed .

    Here is location of my Milo na milo song .

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