please reconfirm that i am reading the chords and strumming pattern right

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    i am a total beginner....i know how to play a few chords but i havent yet played my first song...thot i wud try roobaroo since its based on 2 simple chords A and D.i am going to tell u what i interpret form the previous posts on how to play the song. Please confirm whether i have it right .
    have just copied it from another post

    A: 0-0-2-2-2-0 (on 6-5-4-3-2-1 strings)
    D: x-x-4/0-2-3-2 (on 6-5-4-3-2-1 strings)

    How to strumm???


    ^ = Downward Stroke
    v = Upward Stroke

    Stanza 1:

    (The strumming is a little tricky play along wid the song to get the hang of it..chords are simple though A and D

    [A] aye saala [A][D]
    [A]abhi abhi [A][D]
    [A]huaa yaqeen [D]
    Ki [A]aag hai [D]
    mujh [A]mein kahi [D]

    hui [A]subaah main chal [D]gaya
    suraj ko [A]main nigal [D] gaya

    for eg the first line
    [A] aye saala [A][D]
    DOES A have to played completely in this format ^^v^^v^v^v to complete the first line and then D again in same format to complete aye saala .......and same for abhi abhi ???

    could someone just explain this example to me as in whaterver strumming pattern is given is it just for that one word??

    i hope somebody got my doubt and can clear it.
    any help wud be greatly appreciated

  2. doodwala

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    yep - you seem to have it right
    firstly, once you've seen these chords, listen to the song....a few times. then you'll realize that you have to play the "A" completely in that "^^v^^v^v^v" format. Everytime a chord is written(A or D), you have to play it completely in this pattern, then move on to the next chord and play it completely again, and so on...
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    listen bro ^ means upward strokes and v means downwards now check the song
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    the ^ and v must be confusing. roobaroo needs a bit of hand work. if ur a total beginner,then don't try this song. go in for songs with chords like C ,D , Em,A E ,G etc. Try nothing else matters by metallica. noth the finger picking only the the forums. abhimanjerejkar put up correct chords for this song.

    rock on:beer:
  5. UjSen

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    @ the doodwala>:RollLol::RollLol:
    wt made u get that perverted username??

    its hilarious.
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    try papa kehte hai chords dats d most basic one

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