Please Keyboard Players HELP ME .

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    CASIOLA New Member

    Hello everyone I think there are many Keyboard Players here in the forum
    Please Help Me .

    When I play songs along with chords sometimes few songs sounds so
    good like a Proffesional is playing the song while someitmes it don't sound
    as good . The reason is this that I am unable to use chords correctly .
    Means I cann't use notes of chords correctly , can anyone of you please
    tell me , what is the basic funda of using chords if possible please give me
    a 2 - 3 lines example .


    KNoWN STRaNGeR New Member


    I know one method, that may not be appropriate. But it can solve your querry.

    For any chord Major e.g. C#, is combination of 3 notes right.

    those 3 keys are, that note itself i.e. C# here, 4th successive key i.e. F, and then 3rd successive key i.e. G#.

    So C# Chord = C#-F-G# Notes

    This is applicable to every major chords.

    For minor interval changes to 3 keys and 4 keys.

    For e.g., C#m Chord = C#-E-G# Notes.

    Thats the way I remember.

    I hope it helps you.

    CASIOLA New Member

    Thanks Friend .

    But I am confused a bit " Suppose I have to play D major chord after C
    major chord , how to change the chord ? "
  4. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist


    KNoWN STRaNGeR New Member

    He He.... I was thinking what should I reply to that question.

    But Sukrut Cleared it all...

    @ Casiola - After few days of playing, you will remember the keys used for
    each chords... Its not that much difficult.

    DREAM BEAVER New Member

    Casiola . Try this .

    In piano when you play notes of RIGHT HAND from left to right play chords
    notes from right to left while when you play tabs note from right to left
    play Chords note from left to right . It's just a basic theory .

    And chords are changed like this - ( suppose you have to play chord D after
    Chord C )
    Chord C that contains C E G note now when one of your finger are on note G
    put a finger on note D then play F# and A .

    CASIOLA New Member

    Thanks Dream Beaver , KNoWN STRaNGeR and sukrut . I am practicing now .
  8. paati

    paati New Member

    you r doing it all wrong man. you thinking maybe i will keep chords pressed and play melody with right hand. thats a very wrong approach. you shouldnt use beginner guitarist mentality of dividing everything into chords+melody. as a keyboard player u should think of chords as multiple melodies layered on top of one another. and you have 10 fingers. thats how u should think. you shouldnt think i have left hand and right hand. left for chords, right for melody. you should think i have 10 fingers. and play accordingly.

    CASIOLA New Member

    You may be right but as a beginner atleast I have to define that what
    exactly I want and also mainly in keyboard chords notes are played by left
    hand thats why I say so .

    One request to all Igtians can anyone please give me a 2 - 3 lines simple
    lines example with chords .

    - Thanks
  10. paati

    paati New Member

    as a beginner, you should first go and get yourself a tutor, rather than relying on ad hoc on line sites like this forum. tis site might only guide u with some film songs at best.. its not gonna teach you how to play the piano.
  11. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    i second .
  12. PianoLover

    PianoLover New Member

    I can play the Piano pretty good..

    but only by ear :(

    because, I can't read notes.
  13. paati

    paati New Member

    u r lucky. the unlucky ones are those who can only read, but have dead ears.
  14. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Very well said man, you are totally right;) !!!

    CASIOLA New Member

    Hey Guys and gals I am not new I can play the songs along with chords
    but my teacher told me about related notes means if you are playing F note
    on the right hand you can play C note at the same time on left hand and so
    on . And yes I don't need Igtians help if my classes are going on but my
    classes are from Nov. - Jan. ( only 3 months ) every year so here is no one
    to advice me .
  16. PianoLover

    PianoLover New Member

    Really, you think? I think anyone who can read notes will eventually overtime learn to play the keyboard without the use of any sheet notes... thereby, playing 'by ear.'
  17. paati

    paati New Member

    no man thats like saying cramming shakespere would make u like him

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