PLEASE..kaavish and Azaish chords needed!

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  1. Werdah

    Werdah New Member

    Hi guyz..Can some1 the chords or tabs for the song Bachpan by Kaavish..if u haven't heard it..u can hear it on or itself...its really a great song..but i can't find the chords or tabs for it N E WHERE! plz..if its possible plz post it asap. And if u've REally got alot of time on ur hands :think: :) can u ppllz post..the chords or tabs for the song Safar by Azaish..its also an underground release...and u can listen to it from really a great song.

    P.......L........E........A..........S..........EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :rockon:
  2. Werdah

    Werdah New Member 1 has themmm...this is just depressing.
  3. ijlal

    ijlal The B chord

    i didn't like the song..
  4. Werdah

    Werdah New Member

    can u still figure out the chords tho because i've seen some of ur work n its great. PLEASE!
  5. anjumjamal

    anjumjamal New Member

    Hello... Im Anjum... I played the guitars in Safar by Azaish...
    check it out:
    u can contact me and ill help u out with the tabs of this song... Peace out...
  6. salman128

    salman128 New Member

    the chords for safar are pretty simple: E A B.. for the most part.. the solo is a little complicated, I've not tried it yet.. lekin I can give it a shot.. Bachpan man.. I dunno.. does not come off as a "guitar" song to me.. lekin I'll see If I can figure it out..
  7. salman128

    salman128 New Member

    Anjum, instead of having to email you, why dont you post the chords here, so everybody can see them??

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