Please help Roland guy was selling washburn Acoustic guitars aggresively says its bet

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by qwan, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. qwan

    qwan New Member

    I wanted to buy a Pluto or a yamaha. The guy at Roland aggressively(not in a negative way) was selling Washburn
    He said its better than Pluto, Yamaha and even Epiphone.
    He played it and told me it has good base, but other guitars are LOUD. He says you can play this and it wont hurt your ears
    Now I played a Pluto at a coffee shop And It was amazing. It had a nice and loud ring. And it was still melodious.
    Unlike the trinity guitar the guy at the store played. It was loud.

    I am just wondering if washburn is really that good. Someone I know who plays live in Delhi told me to go get a pluto. She said it was good and this is someone who has been playing live shows for a few decades.

    Washburn acoustic is 9600.
    Semi acoustic is 12k and the Jumbo is 16k. It comes with auto tuners and stuff.

    Washburn sounds really good when I was playing but it was not as loud as pluto.

    I have to go back to the coffee shop(which really sucks) just to play the pluto again and see if what the Roland guy(who is a pretty good guitarist himself) is saying is true. That the Pluto is loud but if you hit it hard it will not sound good.

    What are your expert opinions on this Please share.
    Thank you
  2. soumyaranjan

    soumyaranjan New Member

    Washburn and yamaha are in general much better than pluto. Pluto is a local chinese brand. I went to buy a cheap guitar a couple of months back, tried a couple of pluto. Really bad finishing. Very rough fretboard, and absolutely poor body resonance. Also tried the yamaha F310 (? thats the model i guess). Very poor quality. Ended up buying a granada guitar (another chinese product), which had a much better finish and you could hear the reverbaration from the body. You might want to give granada a try if your budget is constrained (should be within 8-9K). However for acoustic guitars, even two guitars of the same model sound different, so donot buy blindly.
  3. qwan

    qwan New Member

    Thanks I visited another guitar shop and they recommended Granada too over pluto. They said PLuto is great. The finish was bad earlier but now they have really upped their quality and its visible I picked a guitar there and it was sounding great its a 41 inch Jumbo guitar.

    This is the model Pluto Hw41 201 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar With Free Sonido Bag | GuitarStreet

    The finish is really good it looks better than a Yamaha. Yes but not as great as a Washburn.

    Tell me if you agree, My point is If I was paying 14 to 16k for a washburn I would rather pay 22K for an Takemine or Ibanez or even a famous Fender model.
    How is this Buy Ibanez Acoustic Guitar With Electronics V72ece Trans Blue Burst V72ecetbs Online | Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar in India | Furtados Online
    There are fenders and Takemine for 14k too. would that be a better choice?

    Thanks for the reply

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