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  1. jensibo

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    Hi All,

    I have been trying to find the song "Mora saiyya mose bole na". When I searched the net, I came across a mail form a few of the members in this site and the song was listed. If someone knows which Album this song is from, do mail me back. I would be glad to recieve your mail. If I am not wrong, this song was being featured on TV around May-June 2004. But since then, its like the song has vanished fromt he face of this earth. Please let me know just in case anyone knows the singer or the album in which this song is available. Would be glad if you mail me on [SNIP]
  2. lord_neo

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    Hi Jensibo, welcome to IGTS. The song you mention is indeed listed but im not sure about that name of the song. Its a song by a Pak band called Fuzon.
  3. skaw

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    Album: Saagar
    Artist: Fuzon
    Released: 2002
    Genre: Pop/Rock
    Song: Khamaj

    To listen to it:

    the song you are talking about is called 'khamaj' not 'mora saayian' .. in the whole song he doesn't says 'khamaj' and it does sound like the song is or should be titled 'mora saayian' but thats not true .. listen to it and you'll know i am right.. do you want the lyrics ?
  4. light_of_erindi

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    It's on lots of forums. Just do a search for "fuzon" in Hindi guitar tabs forum and u will get there. BTW , Shahrukh has replied to a thread on this song just today. So if u r online check it out in "new posts".
  5. jensibo

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    Well well well, I am impressed by this whole website. You guys just dont have any idea what you have given me today. Wow....! I finally got a whole list of details about the song.
    Lord_leo - Thanks a million for the reply. Now I can further streamline my search for the album with the name of the band.
    Skaw - That was a very impressive list of details buddy. Thanks a million.
    light of erindi - I have found the lyrics. :). Thanks a lot for that piece of info.

    I must say, I must say again that I am impressed with this website as a whole.


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