Playing Raag Malkauns on Guitar

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    Hello There,

    Greetings to everyone on the IGT forum, as a young Pakistan I feel honoured to contribute something here and hope that the future brings peace and prosperity to South Asia.

    I have put up a post on playing raags on guitar on the Roots in Antiquity page on the Naqsh Forum (link below). I have specifically chosen Raag Malkauns owing to its proximity to the minor/major pentatonic scales commonly used in rock and blues music.

    I have also put down some links to soundfiles and articles available on the net which would be useful for anyone seriously interested or remotely curious. See if the content catches your fancy (click link below) . Please feel free to ask any questions.

    Many thanks and all the best to the IGT forum, I look forward to feedback and to contributing more things in future .


    PS: I am for some reason unable to get the hyperlink to work so you may have to cut paste the follwoing link in your browser and then go to the Roots in Antiquity page in order to view the article:

    Hopefully it would be worth the trouble !

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