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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by Vijay, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. Vijay

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    I am a very beginner in playing guitar. Appreciate if someone could let me know how to play chords for a given song. I have the chords for 'Raath kali ek kwaab mein ayi'.

    I am pretty much comfortable in moving from chord to chord like E to A and then to D and back to E.

    I am not really getting the feel of playing the song as I have no idea how to rythymically sound the chords while doing the song.

    Hope I was clear on my question. please please help. :eek:

    Thank you bros
  2. DesiPride143

    DesiPride143 BEHAVE!

    okay dude this is how it's goign to be when you play chords you have to know what song you are playing u said you were trying to play raat kali ek khawb mei aayi well lets say the song starts with chord E and it's something like this:

    E A
    Raat kali ek Khawb mei aayi

    well you keep on strumming the chord E until You get to Chord A. are you getting me Strum E on Raat then strum it on kali and then ek after that move on to A and strum it until you see some other chord. that's the best i can do that's how i learned it and now i can play whatever.


  3. prash_rocks

    prash_rocks Over the Hills & Far Away

    it helps to have a good ear and intuition for music to get what you want... i mean you should be able to feel the flow of the song and track down all its ups and downs and meanderings so that you'll automatically know when the chord *should* change, albeit you may not yet know to what or whether it should sound sharper or flatter... the latter comes with practice, that's what i've learnt from the past 6 months since i'm playing.

    also it helps to listen intently to the bass if there's one in the song... the song you mention doesn't have it cuz the bass wasn't yet used in those days in Indian music but almost all of the latter songs of RD Burman do have the bass playing along and all the new songs definitely have it. so listen to the bassist - most often he plays the outline of the song so that you'll immediately know if the song is changing its notes so much that it calls for a chord change too. and then try to jam with the bassist on the record and things will be easier...

    if your problem is not getting the rhythms right *while* singing yourself, this is a too common setback that all of us (beginners) face... you'll find almost everyone suffering from the same thing, so no need to worry, usually *a lot* of practice is required before you get this one right.

    and of course continue to learn new chords - that will add many new songs to your repertoire.

    hope this helps...
  4. prash_rocks

    prash_rocks Over the Hills & Far Away

    hey, or was your concern how to strum the chords right to suit the rhythm? that in techie terms is called arpeggio and is again obtained perfectly usually as a fruit of some good labour. you'll have to free your right hand and let it absolutely hanging loose so that it can strum according to the rhythm in case of faster songs...

    in fact i think it is difficult to get it right for the slower songs like yours - for that begin playing slowly - just single beats maybe at first. listen to the guitar on the track and try to match your strumming to that reference. perfect both up- and down-strokes so that you may successfully do it. which way it should go is again a matter of some intuition and some experience... they take not too long in coming with practice.

    this site may help you with the basics:

    you may also subscribe to their very useful newsletter.

  5. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    Not how I would define an "arpeggio"...

    But agree with all the rest of ur two posts.
  6. prash_rocks

    prash_rocks Over the Hills & Far Away

    well esgalli, i'm not all to blame if i didn't get that definition right...

    i guess the standard definition of arpeggio is the order you pick the strings in finger-/pickstyle, isn't it? e.g. it may be denoted as 5-3-2-1-4 etc...

    having learnt everything from the net, i guess i've even come across such varied definitions that would also call the pattern of up and down strokes in which i strum chords as arpeggio - that's what i wrote in there.

    i suppose then this second definition is wrong... actually i was even always confused about this one...

    but is there any standard italian/spanish term for this thing that i mean to define?
  7. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    lol... the first one was quite right... Arpeggios, imo are most useful when u keep on playing throughout the fretboard...

    A few eg of arpeggios...

    1. A very traditional one...

    E |--------------5-9-----------|-------------------17-22-----------------|
    B |------------5-----5---------|----------------17-------17--------------|
    G |----------6---------6-------|-------------18-------------18-----------|
    D |--------7-------------7-----|----------19-------------------18--------|
    A |------7-----------------7---|-------19-------------------------19-----|
    E |-5-10---------------------5-|-17-22-------------------------------17


    E |---------14-14----------|----------16-16-----------|
    B |------12-------12-------|-------14-------14--------|
    G |---11-------------11----|----13-------------13-----|
    D |-9-------------------9--|-11-------------------11--|
    A |------------------------|--------------------------|
    E |------------------------|--------------------------|

    E |----------17-17-----------|----------19-19----------|
    B |-------15-------15--------|-------17-------17-------|
    G |----14-------------14-----|----16-------------16----|
    D |-12-------------------12--|-14-------------------14-|
    A |--------------------------|-------------------------|
    E |--------------------------|-------------------------|

    E |----------21-21-----------|----------22-22----------|
    B |-------19-------19--------|-------20-------20-------|
    G |----18-------------18-----|----19-------------19----|
    D |-16-------------------16--|-17-------------------17-|
    A |--------------------------|-------------------------|
    E |--------------------------|-------------------------|
  8. cshe108

    cshe108 New Member

    Friends.. good to read your mails regarding chords.

    I am relatively new to chords. Somehow I am having difficulty
    finding out chords for old hindi songs. Do you think that the
    songs like "Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein", "jo vada kiya vo nibhana
    padega" etc do not have that prominent chord/bass to listen
    to the chords?

    I have tried my best to listen to it - including decreasing the
    treble and increasing the bass in my car at high volume :(..
    trying to filter lata's high picted (albiet good) voice.. but somehow
    I am not able to catch up to the chords.

    How do you folks find out the right chords, especially if the
    choice has been tailored down to say two chords which share
    same two notes, for instance chords F# and D#m (both of which
    share F# and A# notes).

    Thanks in advance for any insights and clues.

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